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Brunswick Companies

Brunswick couples exceptional customer service with almost 40 years of insurance risk and claims management experience to provide customized insurance solutions for our clients. By analyzing their clients’ claims history and reviewing their deductibles, Brunswick can recommend an ideal balance between protecting assets and minimizing loss history. Brunswick explains the scope of insurance protection required in language the client can understand.

Brunswick Companies offers industry “know-how” that exceeds that of most agents or brokers. When insurance needs have outgrown mass-market policies, we can craft a customized solution tailored to your requirements. Brunswick’s decades of underwriting experience allow them to customize insurance specifications in order to maximize coverage. The book of personal lines business is predominately made up of high net worth individuals and family offices. Brunswick had the ability to manage robust schedules of all kinds and understand the true meaning of valuable goods. Multi-million dollar homes, luxury cars and boats are handled at Brunswick on a daily basis. Brunswick provides first class service to their first class book of business.

Beyond Brunswick’s personal lines book, they manage a large commercial insurance portfolio. Clients include national real estate developers, construction contractors, manufacturers, attorneys and accountants, and businesses of all sizes. Brunswick has developed an experienced leadership team of risk management consultants and insurance underwriters who provide clients with a comprehensive range of insurance brokerage and risk management consulting services. Brunswick’s proactive, customized insurance plans help ensure the financial and risk stability necessary to achieve their clients’ personal & business goals.

Our Office:

5309 Transportation Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44125

T: +1 330-864-8800
F: +1 330-864-8661


Michelle Hirsch
Vice President
330 865-4225