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Dwight Rudd Insurance

Founded in 1949, Dwight Rudd Insurance is an independent, privately held, boutique insurance brokerage that focuses on the unique risk management needs of successful individuals, families and the businesses that they have worked hard to build.

We believe that the purpose of insurance is to protect an individual, family or business from the risk of catastrophic financial loss. The insurance programs that we design favor an allocation of insurance dollars to protection against losses that could be truly catastrophic to an individual, family or business’ financial position.

Our relationship with our clients often mirrors that of their other advisory relationships. While every client has a team at our firm working on their behalf, our clients' primary point of contact is always with a principal in the firm. We find this approach lends itself very well to a seamless integration between us and our clients’ other most trusted advisors.

Our process is simple and consultative. We ask questions to uncover susceptibly to loss, we evaluate the strength of the current insurance program, and we make recommendations to both improve coverage and, in many cases, reduce the overall cost of insurance. We are licensed to work with clients across the U.S. and overseas. We believe that you will enjoy the experience and look forward to partnering with you.

Our Office:

260 Franklin Street, Waterfront, Financial District
Boston, Massachusetts 02110

T: +1 617-542-1915
F: +1 617-542-8501


Randy Schneider
Managing Partner