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Edwards and Company

Edwards and Company began in 1865 with the purpose of providing individuals and businesses with basic insurance protection. In those years the exposures that we provided protection against were obvious and the remedies simple and straight forward.

Times have changed and the world has evolved into a complex environment requiring cutting edge knowledge and innovative solutions.

Our trained staff has worked with the world’s leading insurance carriers for over 140 years to provide our clients with the products and services they require. We provide you with practical advice and the additional resources you may need to do what’s best for your company.

When you combine our staff of experienced insurance professionals with our vast company representation it assures our clients they’ve made the right decision in choosing Edwards and Company.

Our Office:

2071 Vista Parkway
Suite 133
, Florida 33411

T: +1 561-228-6151
F: +1 631-472-8488