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Frenkel & Company

Frenkel & Co., Inc. was founded in 1878 by Emil Frenkel. Frenkel & Co. Inc. has consistently ranked within the top fifty independent insurance brokerages in the United States and is a partner in the Assurex Network, allowing it to provide to its clients access to insurance services in over one hundred countries worldwide. It has upheld its promise since 1878 to consistently provide the highest quality of professionalism, provide continuous comprehensive service, offer innovative and cost effective products, maintain a high level of awareness and response to a changing world, and to preserve integrity and dedication to its clients. With steady financial growth and resilience in both hard and soft markets, Frenkel has proven to its clients that they can feel comfortable putting their full trust in Frenkel & Co., Inc.

Our Office:

601 Plaza 3, 6th Floor
Harborside Financial Plaza
Jersey City, NJ 07311
T: 201-356-3417
F: 201-604-6449


Patricia Whitelaw
VP, Private Client Services