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Moores Insurance Management, Inc.

Insurance is, and should be, about trust and peace of mind. Since 1980 Moores Insurance Management has been delivering both to clients.

Moores Insurance Management is built on knowledge, experience and integrity. As a high-service, hands-on agency we steadfastly work with you to best protect and preserve your assets. You receive a specialized insurance and risk management program that is designed to meet your unique needs and personal objectives. As those needs and objectives evolve or change, so too does the design of your program.

Many agencies look at insurance as a commodity. Their focus is on price, not the caliber of coverage. While cost is a factor, our experience shows insurance is about coverage. Without adequate coverage, inexpensive policies become very expensive mistakes. We know:

•the nuances of a policy
•how to enhance coverages
•how to make your insurance dollar work its hardest for you

Insurance is an investment in the future—an investment that ensures there is a future and that the future is bright. The insurance program we construct for you is your assurance that life's changes are manageable not catastrophic.

When properly structured, insurance covers your risks. When designed soundly, it becomes peace of mind.

Areas of Expertise:
•Analysis of existing program (home, auto, personal and excess liability)
•Identification of exposures to loss and gaps in coverage
•Consultation on unique exposures for affluent clientele and coverages that address them
•Approach our client’s needs from a risk management perspective

Our Office:

West 6th Street
Suite 720
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102

T: +1 651-255-6800
F: +1 651-255-6801


Jack Moores