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The Neefus Stype Agency Inc.

The Neefus-Stype Agency, Inc. understands that in today’s world, people need more than an insurance policy – they need expert advice and guidance in both protecting and growing their assets. The NSA helps customers plan for their futures, reduce their exposure to risk, and save money in the process. NSA approaches your financial program differently than most insurance and financial services firms. They use their Four R process. First NSA REGARDS – they take the time to understand your needs and your unique circumstances. Then they RESEARCH all of the options that fit your situation. Next, they RECOMMEND and explain your options clearly so you can make an informed decision. And they REVIEW your protections regularly to ensure your coverage keeps pace with your life.

Our Office:

711 Union Avenue
PO Box 2340
, New York 11901

T: +1 631-722-3500
F: +1 631-722-3591


John M. Kosciusko

,Peter J. Sabat
Senior Partner