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Nicolaysen Agency Inc.

Established in 1929, the Nicolaysen Agency Inc. is an independent insurance agency. Our mission is to provide risk management services in order to prepare for, and protect our clients from, the unexpected. We utilize "insurance portfolio engineering", a fancy term for making certain we cover the bases. Unexpected events happen to all of us.

Our staff has extensive experience in formulating insurance coverage for families as well as businesses. We assist our clientele in reducing premiums and eliminating coverage gaps while we review and update policies. Our service is focused on helping you monitor and control your financial risk.

The carriers we represent have been selected based on their financial strength, product portfolio, and claim-settlement protocol. Our focus in on you, the insured...from proposal through the application process and throughout the coverage period. In the event of claims, we are there to assist and support.

Our Office:

91 South Greeley Avenue
Town of New Castle, New York 10514

T: +1 914-238-4455
F: +1 914-238-7961


Erik Nicolaysen, President

Randy Coon, Vice President