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Propel Insurance

At Propel, we're in the business of helping companies and individuals find their momentum. That's why we offer smart, comprehensive personal insurance programs that preserve the wealth and lifestyle of our clients, and enable them to pursue their goals with confidence. We are one of the Northwest's largest privately owned insurance agencies and for more than 80 years, we've been providing innovative solutions that help individuals and businesses protect those things that matter most.

Our Personal Insurance experts specialize in creating customized plans that help businesses and individuals stay well-protected. We take a thorough approach to understanding each client's unique needs; getting to know them and what they care about, then working to identify and eliminate any gaps in coverage that leave them exposed.

Our focus is on maximizing protection, while minimizing unnecessary costs. In addition to being their agent, we consider ourselves an advisor and partner to our clients, dedicated to keeping their wealth intact. Above all, we're here to worry about the details so they don't have to. Once a client's coverage is in place, our job really begins. Propel works as an advocate, providing ongoing counsel and support to protect a client against the major disruptions that can occur from liability exposure and property damage or loss.

If the unexpected happens and a client faces a claim, our in-house claims specialists get involved immediately and are there through the entire process-from the time the claim is filed until a final settlement has been made. Our claims specialists act as the client's liaison to the carrier, making sure things happen promptly and efficiently. They also work directly with the client, ensuring he or she is involved as they'd like to be in key decisions-from the way a claim is processed, to the selection of attorneys and more.

Our Office:

4th Avenue, West Edge, First Hill
Suite 3200
Seattle, Washington 98164

T: +1 253-761-3245
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Sue Greer
Personal Insurance Consultant
253 761-3216,Peter M. Hendrick
253 761-3268,Mark Dennis
Personal Lines Manager
253 761-3245,Nick Sinnett
Accounting Dept. Manager
253 310-4080,Kim Cuyle
Compliance Specialist
253 761-3242