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Yacht and Sailboat Insurance

Watercraft coverage by land and by sea

When you set sail, the last thing you want to worry about is what will happen if your yacht or sailboat suffers some kind of damage. With PURE’s yacht and sailboat insurance, you can focus on enjoying your sailing adventure knowing that your vessel is covered.

Insurance Coverage for Your Yacht and Sailboat on Land and at Sea

Coverage for your yacht or sailboat includes damages sustained both out at sea and during overland transportation. For example, if your yacht or sailboat is damaged while being transported on your trailer, during dry-docking, or during maintenance at a marina, PURE will reimburse you for those damages up to your policy limit.

If your yacht or sailboat is out of use as the result of a covered loss for more than 14 days, PURE will provide coverage for a temporary substitute watercraft.

Insurance Coverage for More than Just Your Yacht or Sailboat

Your policy protects more than just the yacht or sailboat itself. If personal property or fishing equipment stored on your yacht or sailboat is damaged or stolen, PURE will pay to replace it.

Coverage does not stop there. PURE’s yacht and sailboat insurance policy also covers up to $25,000 for search and rescue efforts should you or a fellow passenger become lost at sea. The policy also covers liability protection, including coverage for legal defense costs, damages, pollution clean-up, wreck removal and Jones Act coverage for paid crew.

Hurricane Preparation Support for Your Yacht or Sailboat

If you live in a coastal area, PURE Member Advocates® can also help you take precautions to prepare for hurricanes. PURE will reimburse you for haul-out and storage expenses incurred if you need to protect your yacht or sailboat from a named storm.