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PURE Insurance Billing

  • All PURE members will be billed on a quarterly basis with an option to be billed annually. Please contact your broker or Member Services at 888.813.7873 or

  • When you first join PURE, your initial statement will be sent by your preferred delivery method within two weeks. All following statements will be sent 20 days before payment is due. If your account is paid in full, you will not receive a statement until your renewal, unless there is new activity on your policy.

  • Payment is due 20 days from the statement date. The due date is indicated below the minimum amount due displayed on your invoice. Statements marked as "overdue" are due immediately. Should you need to change your due date for future bills, please contact your broker or Member Services at 888.813.7873 or

  • If you have multiple PURE policies, you now have the option to create multiple billing accounts sent to different payors. Billing accounts can be set up for members, other individuals and legal entities. Please contact your broker or Member Services at 888.813.7873 or

  • PURE offers several different ways to make a payment, none of which have any fees:

    Online Payment. You can pay your premium online or via the PURE mobile app which can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.

    Pay by Phone. You can pay your premium over the phone by calling our Member Services team at 888.813.7873. We are available Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM ET, and Saturday between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM ET.

    Pay by Check. To pay by personal check, please mail payment to our billing facility at the appropriate address below. Please attach the payment coupon located at the bottom of your billing statement and include your member identification number on the check.

    If you are a PURE Insurance member, please mail your check to PURE Insurance, Lockbox #2655, PO BOX 95000, Philadelphia, PA 19195-0001

    If you are a PURE Programs policyholder, please see our PURE Programs Billing FAQs.

    If you are sending a check via overnight mail for any type of policy, please mail your check to Attn: Accounting, PURE Insurance, 44 S Broadway, Suite 301, White Plains, NY 10601

    Autopay. You can enroll in a recurring payment plan to have premium installments automatically drafted from a checking account, credit card or debit card. Autopay registration can be completed within the PURE Member Portal or by calling our Member Services team at 888.813.7873.

    For credit and debit cards, recurring payment plans must pay the full balance annually. For checking accounts, you may choose to pay the minimum due quarterly or the full balance annually.

    • Checking or Savings Account.
    • Credit or Debit Card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
    • Wire Transfer. To obtain PURE’s account information for wire transfers, please contact Member Services at 888.813.7873.
  • PURE and PURE Programs are two separate legal entities, therefore they must be billed separately and paid separately. We cannot apply cash or credit between PURE Insurance and PURE Programs policies.

  • You can print a copy of your statement at any time from the PURE Member Portal. You may also contact your broker or Member Services at 888.813.7873 or to request a copy.

  • When you click the PDF attachment for your billing statement, enter your billing zip code when prompted for your password. Please note that you can also access our one-time payment site directly from the PDF.

  • The first installment includes 25% of your annual premium along with the full amount of your surplus contribution and any other required state taxes or fees. The remaining installments will represent only 25% of the annual premium.

  • Yes. If PURE is advised that your mortgage company is your policy’s payer, we will bill your mortgage company directly. The Homeowners policy that is billed to your mortgage company will not appear on your billing statement, nor will you receive a copy of the mortgagee bill.

    Please note that mortgage companies will sometimes make payments for premium only. Please contact your mortgage company to notify them that they must also include payment for surplus contributions and state mandated taxes/fees, if applicable.

  • If you have received an overdue notice, your policy is in danger of cancellation. Please contact us immediately to pay your bill. Note that cancellation will not take effect without you being notified.

  • We are sorry to see you go. To cancel your policy, contact your broker or Member Services at 888.813.7873 or Please note, if you are seeking to cancel your policy with an effective a date in the past, you must provide proof of replacement coverage.

  • Recent transactions will always be displayed on the last page of your statement. If you have any questions, you can access further details in the PURE Member Portal. You may also contact Member Services at 888.813.7873 or

  • Contact Member Services at 888.813.7873 during regular business hours: Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM ET, and Saturday between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM ET. You may also email and we will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.

  • It is possible that your payment was processed after we sent the bill. If you would like to verify that your payment was received, please log in to the PURE Member Portal or call Member Services at 888.813.7873.

PURE Programs Billing

  • To learn more about PURE Programs payment options, click here.


  • PURE claims service support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 888.813.7873. Outside of regular business hours (Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM ET), members reporting a claim will reach an external service specializing in receiving first notices of losses. Emergency situations will be referred to PURE claims adjusters.

  • After discussing with you the nature of your claim, your licensed adjuster will make arrangements to view damages to your property and address your loss. You can expect one-on-one service and consistent communication throughout this process.

  • Yes, a PURE Member Advocate® can assist you. PURE provides a personal advocate to members following a claim to help assist with the administrative hassles associated with a loss. Your Member Advocate will be happy to provide recommendations regarding highly qualified professionals and repair or replacement options for damaged property. Your Member Advocate is also there to assist in purchasing a new vehicle in the case of a total loss and to help arrange temporary living accommodations when your home is inaccessible. Contact a Member Advocate at or by phone at 888.813.7873.

  • PURE Member Advocates® are happy to work with our members' preferred providers. Simply let us know that there is a contractor or professional that you like, and we'll get in touch with them to facilitate service for you. We're always looking to grow our list of preferred service providers, and we appreciate our members' input. Contact our Member Advocate at or by phone at 888.813.7873.

  • Yes. PURE's Private Fleet Automobile insurance applies for rental vehicles worldwide for up to 90 days.

Subscriber Savings Accounts (SSAs)

  • Every insurance company requires capital (often referred to as policyholder surplus) in order to prudently manage the risk of the policies issued. However, capital management strategies can vary greatly depending on the insurance company’s ownership model. As a member-owned (policyholder-owned) insurance company, PURE may allocate a portion of its total capital to individual members through SSAs.

  • To date, PURE has allocated $118 million to these accounts.

  • Benefits to PURE
    The funds held within SSAs remain on PURE’s balance sheet and are available to PURE to meet claim and expense obligations. This contributes to PURE’s financial strength and keeps its cost of capital low by reducing the reliance on expensive third-party capital. In addition, SSA allocations can reduce PURE’s taxable income, so they contribute to PURE’s ability to grow its capital in a highly efficient manner.

    Benefits to Members
    Because these funds remain on PURE’s balance sheet, they help to keep premiums low. They also provide an incentive for PURE to deliver great service to our membership because, in the event you leave PURE, the funds within your SSA at that time (less any premiums owed to PURE) will be returned to you (or your estate in the case of death). After 10 years of membership, you become a PURE Gold Member and become eligible for annual cash distributions from your SSA.

  • Your SSA balance can increase only as the result of future allocations. The balance does not earn interest and you cannot make deposits into this account. While future allocations are not guaranteed, PURE has made an allocation in each of the past nine consecutive years.*

    Members can expect to receive information about their SSA allocation in July of the following year (for example, the 2020 allocation will be made in July 2021).

    *Since SSAs remain on PURE’s balance sheet and are available to PURE to meet its claim or expense obligations, your SSA balance could decrease in the extreme event that the funds were utilized for that purpose. This unlikely scenario has not happened in PURE’s history, nor do we have any reason to believe that it will occur in the future. Allocations will not be made when the earned premium portion would have resulted in an allocation of less than $10. These FAQs are descriptive. The precise handling of SSA’s is subject to PURE’s Subscriber’s Agreement and Power of Attorney, with oversight from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. You can view the agreement and obtain additional information at PURE’s operating results depend substantially upon the Company’s loss experience.

  • For the first nine years of membership, you cannot withdraw from it, nor can the balance be used to pay your premium. The funds within it will remain on PURE’s balance sheet to support PURE’s overall claims-paying ability, benefiting the membership as a whole.

    After 10 years of membership, you become a PURE Gold* member, and in recognition of your loyalty, you will be eligible for annual cash distributions from this account.

    *PURE Gold is the marketing name used to refer to Senior Members, a designation given to PURE members (policyholders) who have been a part of the membership for 10 years or more.

  • PURE Gold is a loyalty program recognizing members who have been with us for 10 years or more. Members who reach PURE Gold status are eligible for annual cash distribution of up to 20 percent of their total SSA balance. Distributions and their amount will be made at the discretion of management (based on the performance of the business in that year,) and require regulatory approval.

  • You reach PURE Gold status on December 31 of your 10-year anniversary with PURE. (To find out when you will earn PURE Gold status, access your account online.) You will receive an email communication with more information about your distribution in July of the following year.

  • Distributions and their amount (up to 20 percent of an individual member’s total SSA balance) are not guaranteed. They will be made at the discretion of management based on the performance of the business in that year and require regulatory approval.

  • SSA allocations and distributions are generally considered a return of premium so, unless you have a unique circumstance that enabled you to deduct the original cost of your PURE policies from your taxable income, the SSA allocation should not create a taxable event. However, PURE is not a tax advisor and suggests you consult your financial planner or tax preparer with questions or for advice.

  • For more information or to view your SSA balance, please log in to the PURE Member Portal or PURE Insurance mobile app. Should you have any additional questions on SSAs, please call 888.813.7873, email

PURE Insurance Mobile App

  • You can download the app in the app store via the below links, or by following the instructions in this document.

    Apple App Store | Android Play Store

  • For key insurance tasks, these two interfaces are identical in terms of a member’s abilities; pay a bill, submit a claim, and download policy documents and more. PURE has made it a priority to invest in developing the app’s offerings across all sections of the app.

  • There are no differences between the Android and iOS app. Both apps have feature parity and members have access to the same functionality.

  • The PURE Insurance app is currently only offered in English.

  • The PURE Insurance app currently includes a toggle for color contrast that can be seen on the onboarding screen of the mobile experience. You can also find this setting under your profile in the app settings. This toggle should be set to “on” if you prefer a higher contrast experience. Below are screenshots of where these settings can be accessed.

  • Currently, each household will need to use the same login for the app. We are exploring options where each spouse can have their own log-in, but this will not be available upon launch.

    Please note: the login for the app will be the same credentials you currently uses to log into the Member Portal. If you create a new login for the app, you will automatically be registered for the Portal, and vice versa.

  • You can enroll in push notifications upon your first time using the PURE app. You can also update settings under Profile > Communications > Push Notifications.

  • After you sign your SSA, you will be able to register and log into the app. This process usually takes 24 hours from submission of your Subscriber Agreement.

  • The PURE admitted policies will all be shown in the app. For each policy, you can easily see the effective date, premium, covered properties / autos, and pay your bill.

  • Due to legal reasons, PURE Programs information must be separate and, therefore, those policies will not be shown in the app.

  • You can view your SSA balance by tapping on the “Privileges” section in the menu at the bottom of the PURE Insurance app. Within this tab, you will find a section titled “Subscriber Savings Account”. Clicking on the “Subscriber Savings Account” will show the SSA balance. You will reach PURE Gold on your 10-year anniversary with PURE, more information can be found on Subscriber Savings Accounts here.

  • You can request a quote for other policies from PURE by contacting your broker. Broker information such as phone number and website can be found on the “Profile” tab of the PURE Insurance app.

  • You can view your renewals, endorsements, or any other changes made to policies by tapping on the “Policies” tab in the menu of the PURE Insurance app. While on the “Policies” screen, you can view each policy and its related documents or information. After you are directed to your specific policy page, you can view the different limits to your coverages or deductibles, or tap the “Download the policy details” to download a PDF of your most updated policy.

  • You can view your Auto ID cards by tapping the “Profile” icon of the app where you will find a “card” on the screen titled “Digital Auto ID Cards”. If you have already logged into the app once, a copy of the Auto ID cards will also be available on the login screen. Below are screenshots of where these settings can be accessed.

  • You will receive a confirmation email from Speedpay when payments have been successfully submitted. In addition, you can check the “Billing” tab on the app to see if your bill payment has been accurately captured. If the bill payment is made before 5 PM EST, you can expect to see it in the Member Portal on desktop or in the app on the same day. If the payment is made after 5 PM EST, you can expect to see it online on the following business day.

  • Yes, you will be able to enroll in auto-payments through the app.

  • The app will support both quarterly and annual bill payment options. There will not be any additional options outside of the current two available in the app.

  • You can expect to hear back about scheduling within two weeks after the initial request.

  • You can expect to see a submitted claim show up in the claims tracker within an hour of submitting the claim. You can expect a follow up on that claim within the following 24 hours.

  • You can view the progress related to a claim by pressing on the “Claims” tab in the bottom menu of the app. From this screen, you can press on either a closed or an open claim’s “View details” button to see the claim’s core information as well as its latest activity, payment history, or vendors involved.

  • You can enact advice recommended to you by the Advice Dashboard by filling out the form in the app experience to contact your broker.

  • Yes! You can request up to five (5) PURE Home Spotlight™ reports on homes that you are interested in purchasing.