Jewelry, Art & Collections

A Higher Standard of Protection for Your Most Valued Possessions

PURE provides high quality coverage for nearly all types of valuables – including jewelry, fine art, collectibles, coins, stamps, silver, and wine. Our comprehensive coverage protects your valuables from all types of losses, whether you are at home or traveling abroad.

Simply put, many families pay too much to insure their valuables. As a member-owned specialty insurer, PURE aims to charge the right price, not the highest one; so we can cover your valuables precisely, often at a fraction of the cost.

PURE's coverage offers distinct features for insuring your possessions:

  • You're Covered Worldwide: We extend coverage for direct or accidental loss or damage anywhere in the world. 
  • Itemized Coverage: You can choose to create a list or “schedule” and detail the replacement cost of each item you'd like to insure within a collection. If an item is lost or stolen, we will pay the agreed amount for that item. If the market value of the lost item has increased beyond coverage amount, PURE we will provide coverage for up to 150 percent of the original, scheduled amount (up to the coverage limit for its class).
  • Blanket Coverage: For a collection with many lower-valued items, some members prefer the efficiency of blanket coverage. You may insure the aggregate value of a collection of items you wish to insure, such as a wine collection or gallery of artwork. With this option, coverage for any single item is provided up to 25% of the blanket coverage amount.
  • Newly Acquired Items: If you've chosen itemized coverage, you have a comfortable 90 days to inform us of newly purchased or inherited items. If a loss occurs before we are informed of the purchase, we will cover the replacement cost of the new item up to the total amount scheduled for the collection class to which the item is added.
  • Pairs and Sets: PURE provides several options for members who have lost items insured on a Jewelry, Art and Collections policy, especially for losses to pairs or sets. For example, if you were to lose a diamond earring, you could choose to:
    • Find and purchase a new, matching earring to replace the lost one – knowing that, if the pair has lost value due to this replacement, we will pay to make up the difference.
    • Keep the remaining earring and receive the difference in the market value of the pair.
    • Surrender the remaining earring to us, and receive the full market value of the pair.
  • Further Premiums Savings: With PURE, you can be confident that you're saving money on insuring your valuable possessions. If you provide us with bills of sale for newly-acquired items or a professional appraisal done within the past two years, you improve your odds of having enough coverage. PURE rewards those extra steps with great premium discounts. Collections kept in UL-rated, secured home safes, or protected by a central station burglar and fire alarm are also eligible for premium discounts.

We are dedicated to providing you with personalized, efficient service. For tips on managing your valuables and collections, visit our Member Advice Center.

Download Brochure:
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