Private Fleet Auto Insurance

Quality Coverage for Responsible Drivers

PURE provides comprehensive car insurance – including protection for regularly used vehicles, antique cars, luxury motor homes, motorcycles and golf carts – all on one policy and often at significantly lower rates.

Families with more cars than drivers cannot be operating all vehicles at once, and we acknowledge that fact with lower premiums. We provide enhanced levels of liability coverage so your personal assets are protected should you ever have an accident that injures others. Your agent will likely advise that you strengthen this protection further with our Personal Excess Liability coverage, which works in concert with PURE's other insurance policies.

With PURE's private fleet coverage you benefit from these important features:

  • Agreed Value Means No Surprises: At the time your policy is issued, you can work with PURE to determine  the amount you will be paid in the event of a total loss. That amount remains fixed throughout the one year policy term, regardless of depreciation. In the event of a total loss to your vehicle, we'll pay you the amount stated on your policy, with no deductible.
  • Paying Off Your Loan or Lease: It is surprisingly common to owe more on a loan or lease than your car is worth. In a total loss, if the agreed value settlement falls short of covering your existing loan or lease obligations on the totaled vehicle, a PURE auto policy may cover the difference for you.
  • Original Replacement Parts: In the event of a loss, your vehicle will be repaired with original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) parts. Additionally, PURE will not deduct for wear and tear on existing parts; we'll pay the full cost of replacement.

PURE members enjoy the flexibility of having their car repaired by the service provider of their choice. To assist members who are in need of a service provider, PURE offers our Auto Repair Network, a network of facilities with reputations for outstanding workmanship and service. Also, depending on the state where your policy is issued, if you pre-subscribe to the PURE Auto Repair Network you may receive a 10 percent discount on your collision and comprehensive premiums.

Also from PURE:

  • Temporary Replacement Vehicle: Following a covered loss, if you're in need of a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired, you won't be faced with the daily dollar restrictions most carriers impose. And, we'll bring the rental car to you, rather than forcing you to find its location.
  • Additional Protection from the Uninsured: If an uninsured driver is responsible for damage to your vehicle, your collision coverage will respond without a deductible.
  • You're Covered Worldwide: If you rent or borrow a vehicle anywhere in the world (up to 90 days), your PURE auto coverage will protect you.

With PURE, you'll receive quality coverage while often saving money insuring your vehicles. Our claims professionals are dedicated to providing you with personalized, efficient service, especially in the event of a claim.

Download Brochure:
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