PURE Wildfire Mitigation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program? PURE’s Wildfire Mitigation Program is offered as part of our Risk Management Program. These services are designed to help members in Western states reduce their risk to property damage resulting from a wildfire through pre-fire preventative measures and emergency response services.

How do I take advantage of this program? PURE members residing in AZ, CA, CO, MT, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA and WY are eligible for the program and will automatically receive our prevention services; however, enrollment is required for emergency response services.

Why do I need to enroll to receive Emergency Response services? How do I enroll? Enrollment is required in order to provide Firebreak with authorization to access your property in the event of a wildfire. Members may enroll upon initially joining PURE, or any time thereafter. We encourage members to enroll as they join so that we can ensure adequate resources are available to assist all members in need during an active wildfire. Click here to enroll now.

What does this service cost? There is no cost to enroll in this program and all services provided by PURE are complimentary. Additional fees may apply for optional mitigation services offered by third parties including the pre-season perimeter spray.

My home is very well-protected. Should I still enroll? We recommend that all PURE members residing in wildfire-prone areas enroll. During a wildfire, airborne embers can spread a fire considerable distances – even to neighborhoods with minimal brush exposure. All combustible components of your home and property are vulnerable to these embers. Wildfire personnel can identify potential hazards during the at-home consultation and recommend preventative actions and pretreatment if warranted.

What actions might be taken at my property in the event a wildfire threatens? Firebreak specialists may take a number of precautionary measures to help protect your home and property including removal of combustible items, such as wood piles and patio furniture, to reduce the potential for fires started by airborne embers. A thin layer of fire retardant may be applied to combustible components of the home and landscape if the threat of wildfire becomes imminent.

Will someone contact me during a wildfire? PURE’s Risk Management team may email news, tips, and advice during an active wildfire however we will not reach out to you to coordinate an emergency response. Once you enroll, you do not need to do anything more in order for us to dispatch wildfire personnel to effected areas. Please be sure that we have an up to date email address so that we can reach you with this vital information.

Who should I contact for more information during a wildfire event? If you have questions or concerns about your property during an active wildfire or if you need assistance, contact one of our Member Advocates.

Who is Firebreak Spray Systems, LLC (Firebreak) and how do they differ from my local fire department? Firebreak is a leader in wildfire mitigation services and a PURE trusted provider. While this is not a private fire department, all members of the response team are professional firefighters and have received qualifications and training from state-certified fire academies. Together with Firebreak, we aim to reduce the likelihood of property damage caused by wildfire — well before one ignites. This service does not replace the emergency services provided by your local municipality, state or federal responders. It also does not eliminate the possibility that you will need to evacuate your home.

Am I assured that one of your crews will come to my home during a wildfire threat? Firebreak will make every attempt to reach enrolled member’s homes during active wildfires however there may be situations where access is not possible because of unforeseen conditions or restrictions by local and state authorities. There is no guarantee that our actions or the actions of Firebreak will prevent damage to your home.

What is Phos-Chek®? Phos-Chek is a specially formulated fire retardant that has been used for decades by the U.S. Forest Service. Phos-Chek is designed to be safe around plants, animals and people; and it will not damage or stain your home.

How long will Phos-Chek protect my property? Phos-Chek is a long-term retardant — it is designed to maintain its protective coating until it is washed off by rain or a hose. That means that the application received during a pre-treatment can help protect your property for an entire wildfire season.

To learn more about Phos-Check, visit phoschek.com.

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