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Learn More About the Self-Directed PURE Home Review

What is the Self-Directed PURE Home Review?

The Self-Directed PURE Home Review is a virtual alternative to the in-person PURE360TM Risk Management experience, providing the same value as an in-person consultation by:

  • Identifying potential hazards in your home and offering advice to prevent losses
  • Thoroughly documenting the unique features of your home, bolstering our claims team’s ability to quickly and efficiently get to work for you in the unlikely event of a claim
  • Confirming coverage adequacy, policy terms, and credits

Who is eligible to participate?

This is available to all members for all homes insured with PURE and PURE Programs, except those that are under major renovation or in the course of construction.

I received a link for a Self-Directed PURE Home Review, but I’m not able to complete the Review at this time due to extenuating circumstances. Am I required to participate?

If you are not able to participate, an in-person PURE360 may be scheduled at a later date.

Is there a timeframe within which the Review must be completed?

We recommend that you complete the Review within 7 days of receiving the link. However, if you are not able to complete it within this timeframe, you will receive periodic reminders which will provide a link to the app so you don’t have to search for it.

What happens after I submit my information?

Once your information is received, a Report is sent to your local PURE Risk Manager for review and action. Your PURE Risk Manager will contact you to discuss the findings and assist with next steps in fulfilling loss prevention advice.

Will my information be shared?

The information you submit is anonymized and stored by our third party vendor, and is shared only with PURE.