The Power of AlignmentTM

Inspired by some of the finest policyholder-owned companies in the world, PURE is a reciprocal insurance exchange and proud member of The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.  

Following are just a few examples of our commitment to alignment.

We help our members do together what they can’t do by themselves.

  • We’ve created an insurance exchange that allows “the most responsible owners of the finest built homes” to share risk among one another for their mutual benefit.  A selective, responsible risk pool means fewer claims, which in turn lowers costs for our entire membership, while enabling us to focus on exceptional service.  


We create economic alignment with the membership.

  • As a member of The PURE Group of Insurance Companies, PURE’s premiums and losses are pooled with a separate company, PURE Insurance Company (PIC), for financial strength and capital flexibility.  This pooling arrangement is the essence of alignment of interests.
  • PURE's underwriting profits and surplus growth are allocated to the membership in the form of Subscriber Savings Accounts.


The voice of the membership.

  • An important part of PURE’s governance, the Subscribers Advisory Committee (SAC) meets with management (the Attorney-in-Fact) quarterly, offering advice, recommendations and supervision on ways to best service the membership.  The SAC appoints the independent financial auditor of PURE, helping to ensure PURE is managed right.  


We provide members with a transparent look at PURE’s governance and financials.

We serve smart and sophisticated people.  They want to know where their money is going and how PURE is being managed and governed.  The following are important manifestations of transparency.

  • At the end of each year, members receive an annual report which provides a review of operations, including significant financial insights into premiums, losses, investments, reinsurance and other capital management issues.  This also serves as a vehicle to share insights gained throughout the year and profile employees, agents and members who best represent PURE. 
  • When new members join PURE, they sign a Subscriber’s Agreement which provides a detailed, but transparent look at the governance of PURE, including the responsibilities of and fees paid to the for profit attorney-in-fact.