Proactive Risk Management

PURE is committed to helping members reduce risk and the long-term cost of insurance. Our team of expert Risk Management Consultants and a network of other specialized providers offer personalized advice to decrease the likelihood of damage to property or minimize the impact of a loss.  The PURE Member Advocate® makes it easy for members to execute that advice.


Expert advice and hard work to help you prevent losses. 

Our Risk Management experts have valuable backgrounds – from licensed contractors to claims adjusters to firefighters –  and are among the most experienced in their field.  They offer in-home consultations that include personalized, documented recommendations for reducing risk and preventing future damage.  A Member Advocate will review results of the risk management consultation and, when applicable, offer to help research and coordinate any loss mitigation activities or solutions that were recommended.  For example, Member Advocates have vetted lightning suppression system installation specialists, coordinated complimentary arborist inspections, and scheduled visits with roofing professionals (to name a few).

PURE’s Member Advocates serve as a gateway to a network of complimentary or discounted service providers that can help members better protect their home, property, belongings and family.  Every week, that network expands as we research new, custom solutions for members in need.  Among the providers in our network are specialists offerings:

  • Arborist evaluations
  • Fine Arts valuation and preservation
  • Personal employee background check
  • Personal security consultations
  • Alarm companies


Straightforward, transparent appraisals.

All members may obtain a complimentary PURE appraisal to help them select the appropriate amount of coverage.  The PURE appraisal is intended to reflect the current cost to construct the member’s home in “like kind and quality,” inclusive of architect fees, building materials, labor, and overhead and profits for contractors.  The PURE appraisal is unique because it is not inflated by estimates for debris removal, demand surge, potential future building code changes, or discretionary site work.  We believe there is too much variability in these costs, and that attempting to estimate them is impractical and unnecessary.


Valuable documentation of home and property. 

Following a risk management consultation and/or PURE appraisal, a member will receive a personalized report that features photographs, descriptions, and details of the member’s property, as well as suggestions for reducing loss.  This documentation also becomes a part of the member’s file so that PURE’s adjusters can use it to accelerate the claims process if the unfortunate need ever presents itself. 


Research and funds to prevent losses from recurring. 

Member Advocates will study a significant loss to determine what can be done to prevent that loss from happening again.  They help members identify devices and improvements that will mitigate future damage, and help members access PURE’s Loss Prevention Allowance to offset their cost.  Following a loss, members have applied these funds towards the installation of generators, leak detection systems, lightning suppression systems, and much more.

We share these lessons with the membership through email, posts on our website, and articles in our annual report, so that all members can learn from our experience.

Real rewards for protecting your home and property. 

Members can earn valuable premium savings for building and maintaining a well-protected home.  For example, PURE’s high-value homeowners policy includes available discounts for the presence of central station alarm systems, permanently installed back-up generators, guard gated communities, low temperature monitoring, residential sprinkler system, full-time live in caretaker, and much more.  Lucrative premium credits are available on PURE’s other policy forms, as well.  Since these credits can reduce a member’s premium by more than 50%, PURE Risk Management experts offer a complimentary audit to ensure that the member receives the “credit” they deserve and pays a fair premium.

Catastrophe management preparation. 

PURE has a comprehensive plan in place in advance of potential catastrophic events.  Emergency staff, equipment, and building materials are ready for deployment in the case of a catastrophe.  Various partners – like water damage remediation firms, arborists, specialized contents replacement experts, emergency wildfire mitigation specialists, and many more – are contracted to provide our members exceptional service when it matters most.  What’s more, if a member is away from their home that is in the path of a major storm, our Member Advocates can attempt to help safeguard the home and valuables, including closing shutters, boarding up windows, and moving patio furniture and other external objects that can cause damage in a severe windstorm.