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2020 Report to Members

Read member stories, get insights and advice intended to help reduce risk and gain a better understand of where premium dollars are going.

June 3, 2021

We publish our report to members each year because of the unique role that members play in the business. PURE is their insurance company and it’s built on transparency, so being able to share our results with the membership is important. The report is designed to provide a greater understanding of the business—from its structure to the financial results—starting with a look into where members’ premium dollars are going.

With a membership of some of the most talented and passionate people in the country, we also view the report as an opportunity to share their stories and give the broader membership a look into who they are connected to through the PURE community. The experiences of each of these families also provides valuable lessons in how to avoid similar claims, and we hope that in sharing these stories, we can help make the overall membership smarter and safer about risk.

Explore the 2020 Report to Members

Highlights from the report

A reflection on 2020 and a look ahead

Hear from President & CEO, Ross Buchmueller, as he reflects on the year and looks ahead.

Meet several PURE members

Read about some of the talented and passionate people who make up the membership and the lessons they can share after a loss.

Going (more) digital leads to happier members

Learn how members can access PURE and exclusive member benefits from wherever they are with the PURE Insurance mobile app.

PURE continues to grow

Explore our 2020 financials and gain insights on the strength of our company.

Read reports from previous years