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PURE Opinion: An Insurer Argues Wealthy Collectors Should Combine Regular, Classic Cars on One Policy

January 23, 2012 - 02/24/12
By Martin Hartley

For high-net-worth clients, it is highly recommended to combine all vehicles—classic cars and regular-use vehicles—on one policy.
When insuring classic cars as part of a personal-lines account that includes regular-use vehicles on the same policy, the insurer will have a clearer picture of vehicle usage, resulting in broader coverage for the insured.
Among the many other advantages of this approach:

  • Efficiency of maintaining one agent, one carrier, one policy and one bill for all cars.
  • Effectiveness of coverage, to ensure that liability limits are meshed with umbrella policies to ensure no gaps in coverage.
  • Savings, including the potential benefits to your regular-use automobiles through multi-car pricing.
  • Service, as virtually every high-net-worth specialist company delivers more loss prevention and engineering service than any of the specialist collector companies.