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PURE Puts Technology at the Center of its Anti-Distracted Driving Initiative

June 1, 2012

Insurance & Technology - 07/02/12
By Anthony O'Donnell

Many insurers are turning to telematics to encourage safe driving but Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE, White Plains, N.Y.) has adopted a simpler and less intrusive technology to address the specific problem of distracted driving. PURE has offered complimentary Cellcontrol (Baton Rouge, La.) devices and a full year's subscription to the technology to drivers under the age of 18, and will be providing a subscription to the technology at a discounted rates to the entire PURE membership.

Cellcontrol works by plugging into a vehicle's onboard diagnostic (OBD) port to disable mobile devices while the user is driving, including cell phones, laptops and tablet computers, through software loaded onto the devices.

"At PURE we focus on risk management and loss prevention, and related things we can do to help keep the membership safe," comments Tim Arone, VP, risk management. "We looked to see what technology was out there to help keep kids safe and remove the temptation to text, watch videos or otherwise use their mobile devices."

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