Loss Prevention Services

A proactive approach to loss prevention means fewer claims in the future. Fewer claims equals less hassles, less expenses, and a better experience for all of our members. Our team of risk managers and Member Advocate are committed to providing a range of services to help you better protect your home and property from a loss before it happens. Call PURE at (888) 813-PURE for a comprehensive overview of our services and to speak with a risk manager or Member Advocate, or email memberadvocate@pureinsurance.com.

Risk Management Appraisals and Inspections

To ensure that you are covering your home for its full replacement cost, PURE will arrange for free home appraisals and inspections upon request or as determined by underwriting. PURE can also provide complimentary inspections to identify potential sources of risk to your property. At your request, your Member Advocate will work to provide advice and solutions to the recommendations made upon inspection, and will handle the arrangements to remedy identified issues.

Personal Employee Background Checks

Many PURE members rely on the services of drivers, child-care specialists, home healthcare workers and other domestic employees to help run their households. PURE has partnered with a national risk consulting company to provide members with background screening services for domestic employees at discounted rates. In some cases, these background checks are complimentary. While the presence of private staff can often decrease the likelihood of risk in a home, without proper screening, these employees can pose a threat to the safety and security of our members' property and loved ones. This service aims to help you reduce risk and better select the individuals who work in or around your home, drive your vehicles, and in other ways gain access to your property and your family.

Home Security Assessments

Even the most responsible members, who take all the proper precautions to protect their material possessions, may be unknowingly at risk of a personal attack. In an effort to help our members better protect their families, PURE has contracted the services of highly trained, premier security consultants to perform home security assessments at our members' requests. This all-encompassing appraisal includes an examination of your house and property to identify potential safety risks that may make your home a target for predators, including exposed windows, proximity to the street, and lack of external surveillance. Our contracted consultants will also discuss your daily activities and regular modes of transportation to determine additional sources of risk and to identify better means of protecting you and your loved ones from outside assailants. At your request, your Member Advocate will work to provide advice and solutions to the recommendations made upon your home security assessment, and will handle the arrangements to remedy identified issues.

Safeguarding Property & Purchasing Safety and Security Devices

If you are considering new equipment to improve your home's structure and stability, our Member Advocate will help to research and recommend high-quality products. While PURE High Value Homeowners policies typically do not provide coverage for preventive action, in some cases our Member Advocate may be able to procure loss prevention products and services at discounted pricing.

Disaster and Emergency Preparation

If you are unable to reach your home when it's threatened by a hurricane, you are invited to contact us immediately. Whenever possible, our Member Advocate will work to secure the services of contractors to take measures to safeguard members' homes and valuables, including closing shutters, boarding up windows, and moving patio furniture and other external objects that can potentially cause damage in a severe windstorm.

Catastrophe Planning

PURE has a comprehensive plan in place in advance of potential catastrophic events. We have purchased emergency equipment and supplies, ready for deployment in the case of a catastrophe, supplied with dehumidifiers, air movers, plywood, lumber, tarps and other equipment. PURE has also secured the services of water damage remediation firms, as well as specialized content handlers to assist members in the inventory, pricing and replacement of content losses.

Fine Arts Valuations and Preservation

If your jewelry or fine art collection is in need of appraisal, our Member Advocate has negotiated discounted rates to help you obtain the services of fine arts experts to provide preservation and valuation advice. These experts have spent their careers consulting for highly regarded auction houses in the United States and Europe, and serve as a knowledgeable resource in the unfortunate event of a collections loss. In addition, they work to educate you about how to protect the valuable items in your possession. Along with our contracted experts, your Member Advocate can also recommend companies and facilities specializing in the proper high-security transportation and storage of your collection.

Arborist Service

PURE has partnered with a leading arborist firm to provide complimentary assessments of our members' property to identify hazardous or precariously located trees that are likely to fall in future storms or high winds.

Water Shut-off Valve Consulting Service

Bursting pipes and flooding basements can be a major source of loss for homeowners. PURE has partnered with a consulting service that supplies water shut-off valves to our members at discounted rates to help protect their primary and secondary homes from significant water damage. Members can purchase these customized devices, which automatically stop the flow of water into a home after a few seconds when set to "away." This service may be complimentary in certain situations.

Wildfire Mitigation Program

The Wildfire Mitigation Program includes pre-fire and emergency response services intended to reduce, or even prevent, loss from wildfire. The following services are available to members:

Prevention Services:

  • At-home Consultation. At your request, we will coordinate a property inspection to identify potential vulnerabilities to wildfire. If warranted, we will recommend steps to that take to help safeguard the space around your home, including suggestions for landscaping and building materials, landscape maintenance, pre-season perimeter sprays, and evacuation planning. PURE’s Member AdvocateSM can help coordinate these services, often at discounted rates, with proven, well-qualified providers.
  • Prevention Advice and Active Fire Updates. When a wildfire threatens, you will receive phone and/or email updates on the fire’s movement and important claims and risk management contact information as well as links to websites and resources.


Emergency Response Services:

We have teamed up with Firebreak Spray Systems, LLC (Firebreak), a leader in wildfire mitigation, to provide emergency response services. During an active wildfire, Firebreak and PURE will monitor the fire’s activity. If a wildfire is threatening an enrolled member's home, with the approval of local fire authorities, Firebreak specialists will be dispatched to assess the threat — without further action on your part. They will perform an emergency inspection of the property which may include removal of flammables near structures and application of Phos-Chek® — a long-term fire retardant to vulnerable areas of the property.


Eligibility & Enrollment:

PURE members residing in AZ, CA, CO, MT, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA and WY are eligible for the program and will automatically receive our prevention services; however, enrollment is required for emergency response services. You may enroll upon initially joining PURE, or any time thereafter. Click here to enroll now.

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