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PURE Launches Watercraft-Insurance Coverage

May 31, 2008

Martin Hartley, chief operating officer with PURE Risk Management, today announced the launch of PURE Watercraft Insurance (PWI). PURE is a policyholder-owned, specialist insurer dedicated to serving the owners of high-value homes insured for more than $1 million. The company's strict membership criteria are designed to keep insurance premiums low and reduce the long-term cost of risk.

PWI provides coverage for PURE's policyholders (members) for their recent-year watercrafts. Candidates must be experienced watercraft owners with adequate hurricane-preparedness plans. Traditionally, insurance companies charge the same premium for experienced operators with strong hurricane plans and for those less responsible. PURE's consideration of the operators' experience and hurricane plans enables it to offer coverage at substantially lower costs than other insurers and in areas where many other companies no longer write policies.

"PURE Watercraft Insurance adds to the list of high-quality coverage we offer our members," Hartley said. "It provides our members with premium savings and peace of mind as rewards for the responsible steps they take to protect their possessions. Our members also appreciate the custom-tailored policies, superior coverage and personalized service we are able to provide as a result of our selective underwriting process."

PURE provides hull coverage, including coverage for windstorm, on an agreed-value basis, and offers coverage for protection and indemnity, including fuel-spill liability and mechanical breakdown. PURE also covers such emergency expenses as towing and assistance.

PURE, a reciprocal exchange, has been awarded a Financial Stability Rating® of "A" (exceptional).

PURE has more than $50 million of policyholder surplus, fueled in part by members' surplus contributions. If, at the end of the year, the members' premiums prove to exceed the cost of providing insurance, PURE will return the balance as dividends or credits to each member through a Subscriber Savings Account (SSA). PURE issues non-assessable policies, so its members' liabilities are limited to the costs of their policies.

About PURE

PURE is a member-owned, Florida-domiciled reciprocal insurance exchange writing policies in Florida and South Carolina. PURE is committed to providing insurance solutions where risk has been traditionally misunderstood and over-priced. PURE provides owners of large, well-built homes with comprehensive high-value homeowners' insurance policies, including windstorm and optional excess flood coverage. It also provides private fleet auto insurance, including agreed-value settlements for total losses, watercraft insurance and insurance for jewelry and art. PURE offers personal excess liability coverage with limits ranging from $5 million to $10 million. PURE Risk Management LLC acts as attorney-in-fact for PURE and provides management services including underwriting, marketing, product management, financial oversight and claims handling. For more information, visit