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Luxury Automobile Insurance

For luxury vehicles, golf carts and everything in between

Notable luxury car coverage features

Agreed Value

If your vehicle is a total loss, we’ll pay the Agreed Value on your policy with no deductible.

Original Replacement Parts

If your vehicle needs repairs, a PURE Member Advocate® can help locate a nearby repair shop, and we’ll pay for them to use original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) parts.

Flexibility with Rentals Worldwide

If you rent or borrow a vehicle, you’re covered for both property and liability damage. And if you need to rent a car while yours is being repaired, there’s no daily limit. Your Member Advocate can even arrange to have the vehicle brought to you.

Coverage for Other Transportation Expenses

If your vehicle breaks down more than 50 miles from home, our coverage helps to reimburse you for hotel accommodations, meals and other expenses up to the limit on your policy without a deductible.1 A Member Advocate can also assist you with all of the logistics.

Protection from Uninsured Drivers

If an uninsured driver damages your luxury vehicle, your Collision coverage will apply without a deductible. And, if you have a Personal Excess Liability policy with PURE, you can purchase additional Uninsured Motorists coverage.

Unlimited 24/7 Towing & Optional Roadside Assistance

If you are involved in a covered accident and your vehicle is not drivable, we will pay to tow it to the repair shop of your choice. You can also add additional coverage for complete roadside assistance to help when you have a lockout, breakdown or when you are in need of a tire change.2

1. Coverage capped at $5,000 in some states. 2. This extended coverage option is available for private passenger automobiles only.

Responsibility is rewarded with premium discounts on your luxury car policy

You can receive discounts and lower your premium by insuring more cars than drivers, keeping a child’s vehicle at home while they’re away at college, limiting the number of days you drive your collector car and making other smart choices that reduce your risk.


Handle with care

When an accident left a PURE member’s rare model car with extensive damage, their PURE Member Advocate arranged to have it towed to the nearest dealer-authorized repair shop.

However, the responsiveness of the shop didn’t meet our customer service standards or the member’s busy schedule, so their Member Advocate explored more suitable service providers.

Because the luxury vehicle was so rare, the nearest qualified alternate repair facility was over 100 miles away. Despite the distance and expense, the Member Advocate treated the car like it was their own and sent it to the shop. They kept the member informed of its status until repairs were complete and it was delivered.

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Services to make your life easier

The Dedicated Assistance of a PURE Member Advocate

We want to help you return to normal as easily as possible following a car accident. A PURE Member Advocate can assist you by booking rental vehicles, locating repair facilities, communicating with other drivers’ insurers and reducing other administrative tasks.

File Claims, Access Auto ID Cards and More, Directly from Your Smartphone

With the PURE Insurance Mobile App, you can file claims directly from your smartphone and receive repair estimates in as little as a few hours. You can also access your Auto ID cards, connect with towing and roadside assistance and receive temporary proof of insurance when purchasing a new vehicle.

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