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Loss Prevention

You can request a PURE360 for your home by reaching out to your broker or emailing us at [email protected].

Loss Prevention Programs

Preventing Electrical Fires

Ting is a small device that plugs into an outlet and continuously monitors your home’s electrical system, detecting abnormalities that can cause an electrical fire. We are offering a complimentary Ting and three years of monitoring service to eligible members.

What Members Are Saying About Ting

“Ting uncovered a power delivery issue, which our power company initially denied, but as a result of Ting’s persistence, they finally repaired it. I applaud PURE’s loss control approach rather than trying to figure out how not to pay claims after a loss has occurred. After our experience, we bought Tings for both our daughters.”

Bob W.,
PURE member since 2020

“Had PURE not introduced me to Ting, my neighbors and I would probably still be living in a state of profound danger. I was very concerned since I knew that a failed neutral could result in a fire or significant electrical shock. My home is attached to two others and the adjacent building with four units shares the same electrical service wiring. All seven of our homes had the same problem and none of the occupants were aware until Ting brought it to my attention.”

Marty G.,
PURE member since 2019

Preventing Water Losses

LeakBot is an easy-to-install sensor that clips on to a pipe near your home’s main water supply and detects hidden leaks before they become bigger problems. We are offering LeakBot and their plumbing repair service to eligible members at no cost

In a typical year, PURE invests more than $1 million alongside members to implement loss prevention solutions following claims.