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PURE Flood Solutions®

A flood solution built for peace of mind.

Flooding is the most common natural disaster, yet flood damage is not covered by a traditional Homeowners policy. With PURE Flood Solutions®, you can select from three levels of protection to obtain and customize flood coverage with incredible precision.

Primary Flood Coverage. Every solution begins with primary flood insurance that PURE offers through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Broadened Coverage. For greater protection, you can obtain coverage for things that are excluded by the NFIP by adding a broadening endorsement to your Homeowners policy.

Excess Flood Coverage. You can purchase limits to cover the full value of your home and belongings, no matter where you live, with excess flood coverage. It works in conjunction with our broadening endorsements to offer the most comprehensive protection available.

PURE Flood Solutions also provides you with a seamless claims experience. For example, if a storm causes both wind and water damage to your home, we’ll handle the entire process and provide you with a single point of contact, all with the excellent service for which PURE is known.

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Severe Flooding

In July of 2016, heavy rain fell near Minneapolis. It was the area’s worst flash flooding event in years, and it caused extensive wind damage to one PURE member’s roof and more than two feet of standing water throughout the first floor of her home. Her PURE Member Advocate® arranged for temporary housing right away. The flood damage far exceeded the NFIP’s primary flood coverage limits, but with PURE Flood Extension® and our excess flood endorsement, all of it was covered. Her Homeowners policy covered the damage to the roof. Her Member Advocate located and coordinated with vendors for all the repairs, found and purchased replacements for damaged belongings and kept her informed throughout the entire claim process.