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Here you’re not just a policyholder–you’re a member

Which means we work hard to do what’s right for you.


As a member of PURE, you don’t pay whatever the market will bear. Instead, your premiums are based simply on your risk factors.


By building a membership of the most responsible owners of the finest homes, we are able to keep claim costs down, which helps keep premiums fair and service astonishingly good.


If PURE collects more in premiums than we pay out in claims and expenses for the year, some of that surplus may be allocated back to members. So far, more than $100 million has been allocated back in the form of Subscriber Savings Accounts.1


We are constantly looking for ways to make our members safer and help them avoid future claims. In some cases, we even contribute to the cost of installing loss prevention solutions that will prevent a claim from reoccurring.

1. Subscriber Savings Accounts (SSAs) remain on PURE’s balance sheet and are available to PURE to meet its claim or expense obligations. The precise handling of SSA’s is subject to PURE’s Subscriber’s Agreement and Power of Attorney, with oversight from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. PURE’s operating results depend substantially upon the Company’s loss experience. Actual experience may deviate from expected results due to factors including frequency of losses or multiple large losses.

Insuring high net worth individuals is all we do

By focusing entirely on this space—and welcoming only highly responsible members—PURE can offer more generous coverage and fair pricing.


Exceptional care comes naturally when you have exceptional members

Our members choose PURE because they expect more from their insurance company. We deliver by providing a service experience built around their needs.

Making members’ lives easier

Your single point of contact before, during and after a claim. PURE Member Advocates are here to help—be it locating a vendor to install an automatic water shut-off system, setting an appointment with a fine art expert to appraise your collection or taking on tasks like finding a rental car or a place to stay.

Helping members prevent losses

All the finest homes have unique features, and our Risk Managers have special insight into how best to keep them safe. They can help ensure you have the right coverage limits, uncover risks and work with your Member Advocate to implement loss prevention measures to control those risks.

Keeping the membership informed

Knowledge sharing is key to keeping you safe. We send members emergency alerts on major events that are likely to impact them. And for homes or fine art you’re thinking of purchasing, we can create reports to make due diligence easier for you.

Aiming to make the claims process painless

While we work hard to help you prevent loss, claims do happen. PURE’s adjusters will work directly with you to deliver a hassle-free claims experience with speed, professionalism and compassion.


Why does the structure of your insurance company matter?

Because structure creates incentives.

PURE uses what’s called a reciprocal model, where the insurance company (PURE) is owned by its policyholders and managed by another company (PURE Risk Management) who runs day-to-day operations.

Our structure makes you our top priority when it comes to how premium dollars are spent.


  • Policyholders own the insurance company
  • It aims to maximize policyholder satisfaction
  • It incentivizes fair premiums, not the highest the market will bear


We're rated A+ (Superior) for financial strength by A.M. Best.

This reflects a strong balance sheet, good operating performance and very strong enterprise risk management. The support of Tokio Marine, one of the world’s largest and most respected insurers in the world, provides additive strength and flexibility that affords us to continue to pursue our purpose driven mission with even greater confidence.

Industry watchers like us

PURE is the most awarded firm in its class of specialty property and casualty insurers.

But more importantly, members love us

And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

  • 95% renewal rate

    Nearly 19 of every 20 PURE members renewed their membership in 2022.

  • 100,000+ members

    Our membership is made up of more than 100,000 successful individuals and families from across the country.

  • 59 Net Promoter Score® in 2022

    This reflects a highly engaged and enthusiastic membership and is nearly 30 points higher than the insurance industry average according to Satmetrix.

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    "It wasn’t like working with an insurance company. The calm that [PURE] gave us and the general feeling of caring they displayed—to this day we talk about how much that meant to us."
    Drs. Lauren & Richard Browne, members since 2014

    "I can’t tell you how shocked I was at how pleasant everybody [at PURE] was. How accommodating, friendly and open they were."
    Katherine Quinn, member since 2013

    "Who’d have thought these people from your insurance company would come into your life, that you would be sitting at a lovely restaurant having dinner with them? Who experiences that in their lives? No one ever does."
    Natasha Trethewey & Brett Gadsden, members since 2017


    Transparency is what you get here

    Our Annual Report to Members provides a look at where your premium dollars are going, gives a clear view into the company’s governance and even provides advice to help you reduce risk.

    We’d love to talk

    If your home is valued at $1 million or more, PURE might be right for you. Fill out our quick, secure form to request a proposal and a PURE Advisor will reach out to chat within one business day.

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