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Jewelry, Art & Collections Insurance

The standard of protection your valuables deserve

Notable jewelry, art & collections insurance coverage features

Flexible Coverage Options

Our policy covers your valuables worldwide and allows you to choose between scheduled (itemized) coverage for items with known values, blanket coverage for a wider collection of lower-value items or a combination of both.

Protection Against Market Increases

If an item’s market value has surpassed your coverage amount at the time of a loss, we’ll pay up to 150% of the item’s scheduled value.1 A PURE Member Advocate® can help you schedule regular appraisals in order to adjust your limits in response to market fluctuations.

Losses to Pairs and Sets

If part of a set, like a single earring, is lost or damaged, you can choose to repair or replace it or keep the remaining earring and be reimbursed for the difference in value. Or you could choose to surrender the remaining earring to us and receive the pair’s full value.

Flexibility and Ease of Adding New Jewelry to Your Schedule

You can easily add a new piece of jewelry to your schedule online and through our mobile app. Also, know that you can take up to 90 days to schedule newly acquired items and still be covered.

Vault Storage

Storing your valuables in a bank vault better protects them and helps to lower your premiums. We give you the flexibility to remove vault-stored items several times a year; simply let us know ahead of time.

1. Up to the coverage limit for the class to which the item belongs.

Services to make your life easier

In-House, Fine Art Experts

The PURE Art Services team is a valuable resource to members with fine art collections. In addition to offering expert advice, emergency planning and claims adjusting, this team can assist with valuations, maintenance, loan coordination, legacy catalogs and other services.

Personalized, Compassionate Service

PURE Member Advocates can locate home security vendors, recommend a safe for your home and more. They’ve even been known to search tirelessly for replacements for lost or damaged items, whether that meant scouring auction sites or locating a jeweler on a remote island.

Timely Settlements

Many of our property claims consist of relatively simple losses, like those involving lost or stolen jewelry. Our claims team uses a streamlined loss adjustment process, resulting in quicker settlement times for our members. Using new screening mechanisms, we can now employ a timely loss adjustment process that often allows us to settle a claim on the same day it’s reported or very shortly thereafter.