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Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft Insurance

Specialized protection for your cruising itinerary.

Whether you own a sailboat, luxury yacht or something in between, PURE’s comprehensive Watercraft policy can accommodate a wide variety of cruising itineraries in domestic and international waters.

  • A Proactive Approach to Risk Management. A PURE Member Advocate® can provide advice on hull inspections, research surveyors and repair shops, assist with background checks on crew members and even locate another vessel for you to use if yours is being repaired.
  • Agreed Value Provides Certainty. You can cruise with the knowledge that your vessel is protected. In the event of a total loss, we’ll pay the Agreed Value listed on your policy without a deductible,1 and for most smaller losses, we’ll pay for repairs without subtracting depreciation.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Features. Your boat isn’t the only thing worth protecting. Personal effects, liability protection—including legal defense costs, Jones Act for paid crew, wreck removal and pollution clean-up—as well as medical payments for passengers and coverage for injuries caused by an uninsured vessel is also included.
  • Help with Hurricane Preparation. If you live in a coastal area, PURE Member Advocates can also help you prepare for hurricanes. Your policy even covers haul-out and storage expenses to protect your boat from a named storm.2
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1. A Named Storm Deductible may still apply if damage is caused by a hurricane, tropical storm or other named storm. 2. Subject to the limit on your policy.

Trouble At Sea

PURE members set sail from Rhode Island, headed south to Antigua. During the trip, a storm brought rough waters and heavy winds which caused significant damage to the vessel’s mast, sail and rigging equipment. Thankfully the vessel was still operable and the couple made it safely to Bermuda, where they then called PURE. PURE’s claims adjuster arranged for initial repairs during their stay in Bermuda which would allow for them to continue on to their final destination before inclement weather would impact their travel. PURE’s adjuster monitored the members’ location through a marine traffic system to ensure they arrived safely and arranged for a local repair shop to finalize repairs once they reached Antigua.