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Coverage designed for you.

Insuring high net worth individuals is all we do, and it’s all we’ve ever done. This focus has allowed PURE to craft specialized insurance solutions designed specifically for our members. Our policies are broad and flexible. Tailor them to your individual needs, and live confidently knowing that your home and other significant assets are properly covered.

High Value Homeowners Insurance

A unique solution for your unique home.

Your home is extraordinary, with custom and unique features, so you need a Homeowners policy that is just as specialized. Our policy offers the flexibility to tailor your coverage to meet your unique needs, including customized options for contents, other structures and additional living expenses.

  • Replace, Rebuild or Receive a Cash Settlement. If a fire or other event destroyed your home, you may wish to rebuild it, or you may not. With PURE, you have the option to rebuild or receive a cash settlement. It’s that simple; you decide.
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost. We know that estimating the cost to rebuild your home isn’t an exact science. PURE’s Guaranteed Replacement Cost provides peace of mind in knowing that your home can be rebuilt in like kind and quality, even when the actual cost to do so exceeds your coverage limits.1
  • Ample Jewelry Protection. While a dedicated insurance policy for your jewelry helps to ensure that your pieces are protected, we understand that some items may not be included on your schedule. PURE's Homeowners policy affords coverage up to $50,000 for jewelry that is lost, misplaced or stolen, helping you better protect your valuables and avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses.2
  • Broad Coverage for Sewer and Drain Backups. If a sewer backs up and causes drains or toilets to overflow, we will pay to clean up the damage and replace or rebuild damaged property—regardless of whether it’s an interior or exterior drain.
  • Comprehensive Risk Prevention. The best way to protect a home is to prevent losses from ever happening in the first place. PURE Risk Managers recommend ways to make your home safer and take advantage of premium discounts. A PURE Member Advocate® can help implement those recommendations, from vendor selection to appointment scheduling and more. And if a loss does occur, we want to help reduce the likelihood of it happening again, so we offer up to $2,500 through our Loss Prevention Benefit for covered losses greater than $10,000.

1. Coverage not available in all states  2. Up to $25,000 for any single item.

Automobile Insurance

A performance-inspired solution for vehicles and more.

You may own a variety of automobiles, including regularly used vehicles, antique cars, luxury motor homes, motorcycles and golf carts. With PURE, you can insure all of them on a single Automobile policy1 designed to reward responsible drivers.

  • The Dedicated Assistance of a PURE Member Advocate®. Following an accident, we want to help you return to normal as easily as possible. Your Member Advocate can take care of tasks like finding and booking rental cars, communicating with other drivers’ insurers and more.
  • Agreed Value Means No Surprises. In the event of a total loss, we’ll pay the Agreed Value stated on your policy with no deductible. Plus, if that doesn’t cover the amount outstanding on an existing loan or lease, we’ll pay the difference.
  • Original Manufacturers' Replacement Parts. If your vehicle requires repairs, your Member Advocate can help you locate a nearby repair facility, and we’ll pay for them to use original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) parts.
  • Flexibility with Rentals. If you rent or borrow a vehicle anywhere in the world, you’re covered. And if you need a rental car while your vehicle is undergoing repairs, there’s no daily limit, and your Member Advocate can arrange to have the vehicle brought to you.
  • Auto Claims Made Easier with PURE Express. Our mobile app, PURE Express, allows you to submit pictures of most auto damage and receive repair estimates in as little as a few hours. 
  • Smart Pricing. Policies are highly customizable, and pricing is logical. For example, if you have more cars than drivers, you can’t possibly drive them all at once. This lowers each car’s risk of being involved in an accident, and we acknowledge this fact with premium discounts. 

1. Vehicles registered in different states require separate policies.

Personal Excess Liability Insurance

Protection for everything you’ve worked to build.

Your significant assets and unique lifestyle—arising from factors like owning multiple homes, employing domestic staff and more—expose you to an above-average number of liability risks. Lost lawsuits hold the power to threaten not only your existing wealth and future earnings, but also the legacy intended for future generations. PURE’s Personal Excess Liability insurance can help protect that legacy against claims of personal injury, bodily injury and property damage worldwide.

  • Coverage for Defense Costs. Legal defense costs are covered and do not reduce the amount available to pay damages. This includes claims of bodily injury, defamation, libel, slander, wrongful entry or eviction, emotional distress and more. You will have the ability to choose representation from among a panel of trusted attorneys and defense counsel.
  • Fewer Out-of-Pocket Expenses. Coverage picks up at the dollar amount where your primary insurance policy with PURE (Homeowners, Automobile or Watercraft) ends, reducing coverage gaps and out-of-pocket expenses. And our drop-down coverage feature means that you’re protected for an entire covered loss, even if the underlying policy does not apply or is not required.
  • Not-for-Profit Directors and Officer Liability Coverage. Board members can be held liable for the actions or inaction of the organizations they serve, including accusations such as wrongful termination and breach of fiduciary duties. Our optional Not-for-Profit Directors & Officer Liability coverage protects you as you act in your capacity as an officer for a qualifying not-for-profit organization.
  • Domestic Employment Practice Liability Coverage. If you employ domestic staff such as drivers, housekeepers or childcare providers, you can add Employment Practice Liability Coverage to protect against wrongful employment allegations. It also covers up to $25,000 for crisis management services to help preserve your reputation.
  • Uninsured Motorist and Uninsured Personal Liability Coverage. You can also purchase Uninsured Motorist and Uninsured Personal Liability Coverage to protect against injuries or damages caused by an at-fault third party.
  • Pricing that Better Aligns with Risk. PURE’s pricing is logical. Your premiums reflect your individual risk factors, such as the driving experience and number of drivers in your household (as opposed to the number of cars in your driveway, which doesn’t present as accurate a picture of your risk). No matter how much coverage you select, those factors drive premiums, which often results in significant savings—especially if you have more cars than drivers or purchase high limits.

With so much at stake, it’s important to maintain adequate limits of Personal Excess Liability coverage in order to protect your financial future.

Personal Excess Liability Price Discovery Tool

Our new Personal Excess Liability Price Discovery Tool was designed to guide you through the purchasing process and provide transparency around pricing. It considers elements of your lifestyle (like your driving history, the size and number of homes and watercrafts you own, and whether you employ domestic staff), offers insights into some of the risks these factors can create, and provides prices for various limits of coverage so you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

Jewelry, Art & Collections Insurance

The standard of protection your valuables deserve.

The possessions you keep may be worth so much more than dollars and cents. Whether you have a vast and carefully curated art or wine collection, one or two pieces of precious jewelry or something in between, ample and customized protection is critical.

  • Flexible Coverage Options. Our policy allows you to choose the right type of coverage for your collection—scheduled (itemized) coverage for a collection of items with known values or blanket coverage for a wider collection of lower-value items. And no matter which type you choose, you’re covered worldwide.
  • The Concierge Assistance of a PURE Member Advocate®Member Advocates have been known to search tirelessly for replacements for lost or damaged items, whether that meant scouring auction sites, locating a jeweler on a remote island or commissioning a new piece from a well-known artist.
  • Protection Against Market Increases. Your Member Advocate can also help you schedule regular appraisals in order to adjust your limits in response to market fluctuations. Plus, if an item’s market value has surpassed your coverage amount at the time of a loss, we’ll pay losses up to 150% of the item’s scheduled value.1
  • Flexibility for Newly Acquired Items. You can take up to 90 days to schedule newly acquired items and still know that they’re covered.
  • Fair Pricing that Rewards Responsibility. PURE aims to charge the right price—one that represents the true risk of loss—not the highest price the market will bear. We take great care to cover your valuables’ risk precisely, at prices designed for sustainability that are often a mere fraction of what is charged by others. This focus on the true risk of loss rewards your responsible behavior. Factors such as updated appraisals, well-protected home safes and a diversified schedule increase savings even more.

1. Up to the coverage limit for the class to which the item belongs.

PURE StarlingTM

Coverage for fraud and cyber fraud.

Fraud and cybercrime are on the rise, and due to their wealth and uniquely complex lives, high net worth individuals are at a greater risk of being targeted. To help you respond to these risks, PURE StarlingTM is an optional endorsement to our Homeowners policy designed to provide coverage for losses caused by fraud and cybercrime while providing access to resources to help you recover if you become a victim.1

  • Online and Offline Fraud Coverage. Our coverage helps to reimburse you for financial loss due to fraud, whether it’s committed online or off. Examples include social engineering, unauthorized transfer or payment, forgery or alteration of checks, acceptance of counterfeit money and more.
  • Cyber Extortion Coverage. If you are the target of cyber extortion—a type of online attack in which a cybercriminal demands money to prevent the damage or distribution of content or to restore access to the functionality of your device—our coverage affords immediate access to crisis management advice to help you best respond to the threat and, in the event a payment is made, covers the amount of the payment.
  • Systems Attack Coverage. Should you become the target of a cyberattack, our policy helps provide coverage for the cost of a professional to reinstall damaged software, remove malicious code, reconfigure your device or system and replace electronic data that has been lost or corrupted.
  • Three Customizable Levels of Protection. Coverage limits of $100,000, $250,000 and $1,000,000 are available. Availability of the $250,000 and $1,000,000 limits is subject to no prior fraud or cyber incidents in the past 24 months. Availability of the $1,000,000 limit is also subject to a subscription to an active cyber monitoring solution. Please note that the coverage limit for Systems Attack is capped at $100,000 regardless of the total limit selected.
  • Active Cyber Monitoring. PURE has identified Rubica, innovators in the field of personal digital security, as a provider of active cybersecurity monitoring for high net worth individuals designed to reduce the risk of a loss from happening in the first place. A subscription to Rubica or an equivalent active monitoring cybersecurity service satisfies the risk management requirements to be eligible for the $1,000,000 coverage limit.

1. Coverage not available in all states.

For advice to help you proactively protect against cyber fraud, download our comprehensive whitepaper, Cybersecurity and Advanced Techniques to Safeguard Your Data.

Watercraft Insurance

Specialized protection for your cruising itinerary.

Whether you own a sailboat, luxury yacht or something in between, PURE’s comprehensive Watercraft policy can accommodate a wide variety of cruising itineraries in domestic and international waters. 

  • A Proactive Approach to Risk Management. A PURE Member Advocate® can provide advice on hull inspections, research surveyors and repair shops, assist with background checks on crew members and even locate another vessel for you to use if yours is being repaired.
  • Agreed Value Provides Certainty. You can cruise with the knowledge that your vessel is protected. In the event of a total loss, we’ll pay the Agreed Value listed on your policy without a deductible,1 and for most smaller losses, we’ll pay for repairs without subtracting depreciation.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Features. Your boat isn’t the only thing worth protecting. Personal effects, medical payments for passengers, environmental fees and more are also covered. Plus, your policy automatically provides coverage for crew members within the jurisdiction of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA).
  • Help with Hurricane Preparation. If you live in a coastal area, PURE Member Advocates can also help you prepare for hurricanes. Your policy even covers haul-out and storage expenses to protect your boat from a named storm.2

1. A Named Storm Deductible may still apply if damage is caused by a hurricane, tropical storm or other named storm.  2. Subject to the limit on your policy.

PURE Flood Solutions®

A flood solution built for peace of mind.

Flooding is the most common natural disaster, yet flood damage is not covered by a traditional Homeowners policy. With PURE Flood Solutions®, you can select from three levels of protection to obtain and customize flood coverage with incredible precision.

Primary Flood Coverage. Every solution begins with primary flood insurance that PURE offers through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Broadened Coverage. For greater protection, you can obtain coverage for things that are excluded by the NFIP by adding a broadening endorsement to your Homeowners policy.

Excess Flood Coverage. You can purchase limits to cover the full value of your home and belongings, no matter where you live, with excess flood coverage. It works in conjunction with our broadening endorsements to offer the most comprehensive protection available.

PURE Flood Solutions also provides you with a seamless claims experience. For example, if a storm causes both wind and water damage to your home, we’ll handle the entire process and provide you with a single point of contact, all with the excellent service for which PURE is known.

Other Coverages

Providing protection in precise circumstances.

Condo & Co-op Insurance

If you prefer the city life, comprehensive and customizable coverage for condos and co-ops is also available. It includes many of the benefits found in our High Value Homeowners program with additional, specialized coverages aimed at the unique risks of living in a city home. For example, flexible blanket coverage allows you to combine Additions & Alterations and Contents into one aggregate limit, giving you the flexibility to apply coverage where it's needed most. Plus, with our Good Neighbor Clause, you can avoid tension with your neighbors if a loss originating in your home causes damage to their home—PURE will pay up to $25,000 to repair it.

PURE Home Systems Protection

You rely on complex and expensive systems to power and run your home. These include systems for heating and air conditioning, home security, swimming pools, home theaters, elevators and more. PURE Home Systems Protection is an optional endorsement designed to enhance our High Value Homeowners policy by adding coverage for losses caused by mechanical and electrical system breakdowns.

Coverage for High-Risk Homes Provided Through PURE Programs®

PURE Programs is an Excess & Surplus (E&S) lines solution designed for high net worth individuals and families with higher-risk homes that are not accepted by the admitted insurance market. It offers an unmatched insurance experience for policyholders, with broader coverage than is typically found in the high net worth E&S market, along with many of the same service benefits afforded to PURE members.

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