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PURE Gold Status Members Receive Another Distribution

2021 SSA PURE Gold Distribution

July 26, 2022

We are once again making a distribution to PURE Gold status members (earned after 10 years of membership). More than 6,900 members will receive a check equal to 5% of their Subscriber Savings Account (SSA) balance. In total, PURE is returning $815,522 back to the membership through these distributions.

SSAs benefit PURE and the membership alike. The funds within these accounts, which total $118 million to date, stay on the company balance sheet and help increase financial strength, reduce cost of capital and can help keep premiums low.

While we are not making an allocation for the 2021 year, all member SSAs remain intact and continue to serve the same important role. You can read more about this in the Letter from the CEO within our annual report.