Risk Management

Taking a Proactive Approach to Risk Control

Taking the right steps today can help to prevent problems in the future, and fewer claims for one member ultimately results in lower premiums for our entire membership. That’s why, through our risk management team and Member Advocate, we offer a range of loss prevention services aimed at helping you better protect your home and property from a loss.

We recognize that not all losses are preventable. And, as part of our High Value Homeowners policy, if a member experiences a non-wind claim that results in major damages, we will provide a $2500 credit to pay for loss control devices or the advice of professionals to prevent a similar event from recurring. For example:

  • Imagine that a storm knocks out your electricity: your sump pumps fail, your sewers back up, and water damages your home. PURE would repair the damage and contribute up to $2500 toward the purchase and installation of a backup generator so this doesn’t happen again.
  • Envision a lightning storm that damages your home, along with its electronic equipment and controls. PURE would repair the damage and provide up to $2500 toward a lightning suppression system to help ensure that your home is better protected from a similar future loss.
  • Imagine a storm shearing off a tree limb that then lands on your home. PURE would repair the damage and offer up to $2500 for the services of arborists to inspect your property and prune or cut down other trees that pose a risk of future damage.

Throughout a large claim, members can rely on a Member Advocate to provide guidance and recommendations as they assess opportunities for risk management in their homes and consider the most effective use of PURE’s Loss Prevention Coverage. Their Member Advocate can also aid members in the selection of vendors and contractors and the scheduling of appointments for repairs.

Download Brochure:
PURE Risk Management and Claims Service Highlights (PDF, 511.49 K)