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PURE Home Spotlight: Instilling Confidence in Your Next Home Purchase

Golden girls house1

PURE Staff

December 20, 2023

Although fictionally set in Miami, the house featured at the beginning of each episode of The Golden Girls was located in Bel Air, CA. However, if Blanche purchased this home today, her insurance broker might struggle to find a carrier willing to insure the home due to its 1950's frame construction and the likelihood of it facing some of Miami’s severe weather risks.

While Blanche may have made a responsible member that exercises pride and precaution when it comes to home ownership, certain properties inherently carry more risks than others. There are some homes that just don’t meet many insurers’ appetites, even for the most responsible person.

Buying a new home is exciting, and we want our members to feel empowered about the monumental decision they’re making. We want to educate members about the risk and give them the information they need to make the most informed and confident decision.

That’s where PURE Home Spotlight® comes in. It was built to help members uncover potential hidden risks in a home. It starts the conversation early in the purchasing process and can help members avoid devastating or costly surprises that could make life harder down the road.

The PURE Home Spotlight report includes information on a home’s claims history, insurability and recent home improvements that may indicate other underlying issues. It also includes geographical risks like hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires or flooding and its proximity to a fire station.

More than just flagging a hard to insure purchase, the Spotlight report can also inspire confidence in a good one. If Blanche ever decided to leave Miami, the PURE Home Spotlight tool would be there, ready to travel down the road and back again, to help her find the right home.

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