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A service experience to make your life easier.

We understand your time is valuable, so our services are designed to minimize the demands of insurance on your time. Whether you’re reducing risk to your home and possessions, navigating the claims process or recovering from a loss, we’ll provide assistance every step of the way.

PURE Member Advocates®

Membership comes with a concierge.

We’re committed to doing much more than simply paying claims. That’s why we created the role of the PURE Member Advocate®, dedicated professionals who personify PURE’s commitment to service.

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Member Advocates are your reliable and compassionate partner before, during and after a claim. For example, they’ll help you locate a vendor to install an automatic water shut-off system, set an appointment with a fine art expert to appraise your collection of paintings, and much more. At the time of a claim, they’ll take on the administrative tasks, like finding rental cars or alternative housing, and provide you with a single point of contact for support. Once your claim is resolved, they’ll help you implement solutions designed to prevent similar losses from recurring in the future. And for covered losses greater than $10,000, they'll also help you take advantage our $2,500 Loss Prevention Benefit to help implement those solutions.

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PURE Risk Managers

Experienced professionals dedicated to helping you prevent loss.

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Our team of PURE Risk Managers have deep expertise in the unique and custom intricacies of high-value homes. When you become a member or request a PURE360TM Risk Management Consultation, a Risk Manager will visit your home to provide an accurate valuation that will help you choose adequate coverage limits, identify risks unique to your home and make recommendations on how you can better protect it. And, if at any time throughout your membership you’d like additional advice, your Risk Manager is on call to provide recommendations, and a PURE Member Advocate® will work with you to coordinate vendors and schedule appointments.

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Reliable service designed to exceed your expectations.

While we do everything in our power to help you prevent loss, claims do happen. PURE’s adjusters will work directly with you to deliver a hassle-free claims experience with speed, professionalism and compassion. From the moment you call to report your claim, you’ll speak to a licensed claims adjuster—not a call center representative, which is common in the insurance industry—so you’ll only tell your story once and begin the settlement process immediately. And your PURE Member Advocate® will be with you every step of the way.

Additionally, in the event of a severe storm, we have a team of Catastrophe Response Specialists on call to provide the support and resources you need when demand is high. When it comes to making repairs, you can choose the contractors with whom you'd like to work. If you need help finding a reputable service provider, we‘ll recommend one from our network of contractors who have been identified as leaders in their fields. Plus, if you experience a loss greater than $10,000, you’ll also qualify for PURE’s Loss Prevention Benefit, $2,500 you can use to prevent a similar loss from recurring. In the end, our goal is to help return your life to normal as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Claims service support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To report a claim, call 888.813.7873 or email us at

I visited PURE’s website and found the PURE Principles you ask your team to uphold; Kiera, my Member Advocate, checked every box with her follow-through, care and empathy. I had an accident, but you guys put me back together again.

Scott Allshouse
PURE member since 2014
Scott Allshouse

PURE 360™

Making our members more resilient.

Our purpose is to help you avoid loss and protect the things that matter the most. That includes providing you with more information about the unique aspects of your home and ensuing risks you face. It begins with a PURE360TM Risk Management Consultation, a detailed inspection of your home. The resulting report includes a Home Health Scorecard, a high-level assessment of your home’s vulnerability to risk; a detailed breakdown of the estimated cost to rebuild your home with like kind and quality materials; actionable steps to improve the safety and resiliency of your home; and a Discount Dashboard summarizing the credits and discounts for which you’re eligible. A PURE Member Advocate® will follow up to help you implement recommendations and take advantage of our risk-prevention services.

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PURE Home Spotlight™

Understand the risks associated with a home to make a more informed buying decision.

As you consider the purchase of your next home, run a PURE Home Spotlight™ report to access data and insight on property-specific risks, such as flood or fire, and view a history of the home including prior losses and renovations.

See a sample report.

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The Haven Art Group

Museum-level services to help you pursue your passion for collecting fine art, jewelry and antiques.

As a PURE member, you have access to a team of experienced art professionals at The Haven Art Group. These specialists—who have managed some of the finest private collections and largest art claims for museums and corporations across the country—provide a comprehensive suite of services to help you enhance the value of your collection, prevent deterioration and ensure its legacy is fully protected.

At any time throughout your membership, the Haven team can assist by providing advice and risk management recommendations or conducting an assessment of your collection. If you need an inventory, they’ll create one. If you need an appraisal, they’ll organize one. If you’re concerned about cracking on the surface of a painting, fading from exposure to sunlight or have an outdoor sculpture whose pad is failing, they’ll organize a conservator to remedy your issue and provide advice to prevent it from happening again.

They can also initiate loans to exhibitions, whether domestic or international, negotiate bequests to major institutions, and conduct provenance, condition and authenticity research if you’re considering a new acquisition.

Should severe weather, like wildfire or flooding, pose a risk to your collections, Haven can also assist with coordinating professional art movers to evacuate your collection and can write viable emergency response plans to ensure a procedure is in place. And, in the unfortunate event of a loss, Haven will respond and work alongside your claims adjuster to ensure you receive the most detailed level of care and expertise in the process.

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The PURE Situation Room™

An always-on resource to keep you informed about the risks you face.

In today’s world of ever-changing risk, it’s not always easy to stay informed. That’s why the PURE Situation RoomTM is filled with analysis and advice on many of the risks you face. It includes information about severe weather, cyber threat, youthful drivers, risks to unoccupied homes, tips for protecting your collections and so much more. Plus, in the event you face a major risk—from catastrophic weather to automobile safety recalls—we’ll alert you with an email or a phone call to offer resources, advice and the assistance of a PURE Member Advocate® to help keep your family safe.

Visit the PURE Situation Room

PURE Cybersafe Solutions℠

Helping you live confidently in a world of increasing cyber risk.

From computer malware to hacked passwords and fraudulent emails, cyber threats endanger not only your finances, but also your reputation. PURE CyberSafe SolutionsSM is designed to help you assess, prevent, detect and respond to these threats and more. This includes:

  • Resources to help you better understand cyber threats and learn how to mitigate risks. Visit our Cyber Knowledge Center to explore these resources and download our comprehensive whitepaper.
  • A Cyber Advice Line monitored by specialists who can answer specific questions or help address your concerns regarding preventing or responding to a cyber-attack. Call 855.573.7873 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday for assistance.
  • A CyberSafe Fundamentals Check designed to help you identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your home network, devices and online activities.
  • Identity protection services provided by Experian. If you or anyone in your household become the victim of identity theft, they will initiate the dispute process and help you return your identity to its pre-fraud state.

Wildfire Mitigation Program

PURE’s Wildfire Mitigation Program is available to members in wildfire-prone areas and includes pre-fire and emergency response services intended to reduce—or even prevent—a loss from wildfire. We can inspect your property for vulnerabilities and help you address them, and we’ll provide expert risk management advice. Then a PURE Member Advocate® can help you implement those recommendations. And in the event of an active wildfire, we can keep you informed about the fire’s movements, provide emergency contact information and—if warranted—potentially send one of our preferred mitigation vendors to help protect your home.

Learn more about our Wildfire Mitigation Program