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We're Making it Easier to Write Flood Insurance

Flood coverage plays an important role in ensuring that our members, no matter where they live, are well-protected. To improve the service experience, we have switched to a new NFIP sales and servicing system for Primary Flood.
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Here are some things you should know

We are introducing a new FloodID for all new Homeowners quotes in PURE Online. You can find it on the “Location” tab under “Flood Information”. This will ensure that we can link the PURE Homeowners policy to the NFIP policy and apply the companion credit correctly.

New Business and Rollover commissions are increasing beginning on August 1. We encourage you to switch your members’ existing NFIP policies that are written through another carrier to PURE. This will help to streamline and simplify their experience. For more information about commissions, contact your Sales & Marketing Manager.

To receive flood commissions via direct deposit, your agency administrator will need to add ACH bank information on If you prefer to receive flood commissions via bank draft please ensure your business mailing address is correctly listed on or contact [email protected] for assistance.

Bill pay

To make a payment online, members must have a Bill ID on their statement. If they do not have a Bill ID, they can:

  • Contact you: You can make a payment in the system on their behalf without a Bill ID or utilize the Torrent chat system to ask that they generate a new bill with the Bill ID included. Once a new bill is generated, members can then submit an online payment at
  • Call PURE at 888-813-7873 to pay by phone.
  • Call our sales and servicing partner (Torrent) at 833-739-7873 to pay by phone or ask that they generate a new bill with the Bill ID included to pay online at


Claims service support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Log in to the Broker View of the Member Portal | call 888.813.7873 | email [email protected]

Call 833.739.7873 | visit ManageFlood®

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Frequently Asked Questions

The old phone number has been transferred to PURE. All FNOL calls will route to our claims team and and all other servicing questions will be directed to our servicing partner.

If a member's payment due date or grade period deadline falls during the blackout period, payment will be accepted on August 1 without penalty.

Open claims will be transferred to the new system and will be handled there moving forward.

If you require Agency Download (IVANS) functionality, contact Torrent Agency Services at 833-739-7873 (option #3) or [email protected] and provide the following information:

Y User ID:
Y User Account:
Initial Download: Yes or No
Commission Download: Yes or No
Commercial Indicator turned on: Yes or No
Flood Agency Code:

You will receive two 1099s for 2023. One for commissions commissions from January - July 2023 and one for commissions from August - December 2023.

PURE Flood Solutions® Offers Broader Coverage for Your Clients

In addition to primary flood insurance offered through NFIP, PURE Flood Solutions® provides members with access to greater protection that can be customized to fit their needs. This includes a broadening endorsement on PURE’s Homeowners policy as well as Excess Flood Coverage to cover the full value of their home.