High Value Homeowners Insurance

Coverage that is Unique to the Homes and Families We Protect.

As a specialty insurer, PURE offers comprehensive coverage to the most responsible owners of the finest built homes. Our coverage is among the broadest in the industry, and offers the flexibility to tailor your policy to meet your unique needs, including customized options for contents, other structures and additional living expenses.

The policy features listed below are designed to help you properly protect your home and avoid unnecessary gaps in coverage:

  • Replace, Rebuild or Receive a Cash Settlement: Our policy affords you choices relating to when and how you replace or repair your property after a covered loss. Receive a cash settlement up to your policy limit, or receive the full amount of the covered loss regardless of whether you replace stolen contents, rebuild a damaged structure or reconstruct your damaged home in the same way.
  • Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost1 We work hard to help our members select and maintain adequate coverage limits, but also realize that estimating home rebuilding costs is not an exact science, especially for larger, high quality homes with unique or customized features. As such, PURE encourages you to speak with your agent to see if you qualify for our Guaranteed Replacement Cost option (not available in all states). This coverage ensures that your home will be rebuilt in like kind and quality even when the actual cost to do so proves greater than your coverage limit. 
  • Covering Sewer and Drain Backups: If a sewer backs up and causes drains (interior or exterior) or toilets in your home to overflow, the cost to clean up and replace or rebuild can be substantial. We offer coverage up to your policy's dwelling and/or contents limits for losses resulting from the back up of sewers and drains.
  • Equipment Breakdown Protection2: We offer a comprehensive coverage option for all appliances that can fail mechanically, electrically, or as a result of a pressure breakdown (not available in all states). Consult your agent to learn more about this coverage.
  • Preventative Actions: For covered losses greater than $10,000, we help to repair or replace your damaged property and offer to contribute up to $2,500 to reduce the likelihood that a similar loss should recur. We've helped members install back-up generators, lightning suppression systems, burglar alarms, low temperature sensors and much more. Our Member Advocate is available to help members understand all of the resources and services available, while providing responsive, personalized service, especially in the event of a claim.
  • Jewelry Protection: Many homeowners policies typically cap coverage for jewelry at limits that are inadequate for most of our members. For that reason, PURE affords coverage up to $50,000 for lost, misplaced or stolen jewelry (up to $25,000 for any one item), for members who maintain contents coverage of at least 50% of their dwellings coverage. 
  • Neighborly Settlements: If a covered loss  – a burst pipe, or a leaking appliance – occurs in your condo, townhouse or apartment and damages a neighbor's property, PURE provides up to $25,000 for payment to your neighbor, helping you avoid potential lawsuits and preserving your relationship.
  • Pet Injuries: If your pet requires medical care due to a covered loss, PURE will cover up to $5,000 in necessary expenses.


1. Coverage not available in California, Florida and South Carolina. 2. Coverage not available in all states.

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