Personal Excess Liability Coverage

Protecting Your Assets

PURE's personal excess liability policy protects you from lawsuits filed against you and your family for personal injury and property damage. This policy aims to deliver seamless protection if you have maintained the minimum underwriting requirements and the liability limits of your underlying homeowners, automobile and watercraft policies are exceeded.

Excess liability coverage is essential to a household's financial security, and can provide vital support in the event of a lawsuit. PURE offers broad, competitively priced protection:

  • Coverage limits start at $1 million, ranging up to $50 millioni
  • Protection against claims of personal injury and property damage
  • Coverage for defense counsel not subject to policy limits

PURE bases its personal excess liability policy premiums on your household members' driving experience and responsibility, rather than the number of vehicles you may own. You also have the option to purchase coverage that protects against allegations by your domestic staff.

We encourage you to consult with a PURE Agent Partner to choose the appropriate amount of excess liability coverage for you and your family. Use the Liability Benchmarker in our Member Advice Center to approximate the cost of a policy appropriate for your net worth and to see the coverage that other PURE members have selected.


i. Liability limit of $25 million in New Hampshire.

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