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Surplus Contributions, Explained.

A surplus contribution is a small fee that’s included in your insurance premium.

When you join PURE, you’ll notice that your insurance premiums include surplus contributions—or a small fee equal to 10% of your Homeowners and Watercraft premium and 4% of your premium for all other policies—for the first five years of membership.

While you may think of surplus contributions as part of the overall cost of your insurance, they are separate from typical premiums because:

  • PURE’s independent management company does not make any money off of or take a percentage of these contributions.
  • These funds provide extra financial support to PURE, reducing the need for more costly third-party capital and improve our claims paying ability.

In fact, surplus contribution actually save you money over time because the less reliant we are on third-party capital, the lower we can keep our prices.

Even with surplus contributions included in the cost of their insurance, members report an average annual savings of 20% when switching to PURE.

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