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Quote Checklist

Information needed for a quote with PURE

Quote Checklist

About your home(s)

  • The address of each home you would like quoted and the use for each home (i.e. primary home, secondary home or rental property)
  • Any LLCs or Trusts that should also be listed on the policy
  • Square footage, year built and construction type (i.e. wood, brick, stone or vinyl siding)
  • Age and material of roof (i.e. wood shake, shingle, metal or concrete tile)
  • Information on all insurance claims filed in the past five years
  • Home security features in place (i.e. centrally monitored burglar and fire alarm, permanent generator, water shut-off system or interior sprinkler system)

About your cars

  • Year, make and model of all vehicles
  • Owned or leased
  • Name and date of birth for all drivers and the primary driver for each vehicle

About your collections

  • Total amount of jewelry coverage requested
  • Total amount of art coverage requested
  • Information on any other collections, such as silver, furs, antiques, collector cars or wine

About your watercraft

  • Year, make, model and length of the vessel
  • Total value
  • Primary location

Umbrella coverage