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Reversing the Trend: Partnering to Prevent Electrical Fires

Ting installed

PURE Staff

While electrical fires are infrequent, they are almost always severe. In 2023, 30 electrical fire claims totaled more than $40 million. Modern building materials, open floorplans, additional electrical devices and more combustible materials mean homes burn faster than ever before.

Of the top 20 claims in 2023, six were due to electrical fires. This includes our most expensive loss to date—a fire that started in the walls of a member’s home which caused extensive smoke, soot and water damage throughout.

To help members prevent electrical fires before they happen, we recommend Ting. This small device plugs into an outlet and continuously monitors your home’s electrical system, detecting abnormalities that can cause an electrical fire. If a hazard is detected, Ting will send a notification to your phone, call you to walk you through next steps and include a $1,000 repair credit if an electrician is required to fix the issue.

Ting is a smart sensor that monitors your home’s electrical system. It’s easy to install, provides 24/7 monitoring and can dramatically reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

We would love to see the day when all members have a Ting installed in their home and are doing our part to get there. We currently offer this device and three years of monitoring complimentary to members in a growing number of states. We are working on getting approval from additional states to introduce this more broadly. Adoption among eligible members has been strong with more than 4,400 devices installed. At the time of publication, Ting has detected at least 25 issues in members’ homes that could have led to fires.

My sensor detected an electrical problem in my garage that I never would have known about. Ting immediately contacted me and it was an easy fix, but had the issue gone undetected, it could have started a fire.
– Bill W., PURE member since 2007