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Risk Thinkers - From Pure Insurance

The New World of Personal Liability Exposure

How social inflation, litigation funding and other factors are shaping the landscape of personal excess liability

Ep. 01


Tap into the minds of leading experts in the casualty space on what’s shaping the landscape of litigation. In our first episode, we’ll unpack recent factors increasing the risk of lawsuit, explore what’s driving up the cost of judgments and share insights on how companies like PURE are addressing these factors.

  • Chapter One: Social Inflation, The Great Unrest

    When it comes to claims settlements, 2023 is redefining the term of “acceptable compensation.” Social inflation is driving up the cost of insurance premiums. Economic inequality and uncertainty are impacting injury claims with inflated jury verdicts. Medical inflation is outpacing general inflation and with litigation funding prominently on the scene, it’s harder than ever to resolve court cases for fair values.

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Risk Thinkers - From Pure Insurance

Be a fly on the wall as industry experts dive deep in conversation on the risks facing the high net worth market. Each episode will take on a different risk topic and address it from a unique angle, leaving you more informed to better serve your clients.