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An Exchange of Commitments: Management's and the Membership's

PURE was built on the simple idea that the most responsible owners of the finest built homes deserve to pay a fair price without sacrificing quality of coverage or service. For this ambition to be reached, both sides (management and each individual member) must strive to uphold certain commitments.

Management's commitments to the membership

Underwrite carefully and thoughtfully

Our team of expert underwriters carefully selects individuals and families for membership, seeking to accept the most responsible owners of the finest homes. When necessary, we will make the hard decision to non-renew when a member no longer meets the criteria.

Deliver an exceptional claims experience

We aim to quickly earn your trust. We’ll respond fast and deliver a fair and hassle-free settlement using the most skilled craftspeople to make you, your home and your belongings whole again.

Make you smarter about risk

We study the claims that impact our membership, seeking to understand their root cause, and pass that knowledge on to you, so you can be smarter about risk and less likely to experience a loss.

Charge the right price

We aim to charge the right price, not the highest price, for coverage that is broad and flexible. And, we allocate operating gains to members’ Subscriber Savings Accounts.

Continuous improvement

We view the delivery of the best service in the industry as a journey without a destination. We will innovate and evolve our coverages, services and solutions to address changing risks and leverage better ways to serve you.

Your commitments to the membership

Contribute to PURE's financial strength

Through your surplus contributions, which equal a small percentage of your premiums, you contribute capital for the first five years of membership, adding to PURE’s financial strength.

Take steps to avoid losses

You aim to act responsibly and are proactive about risk, taking steps to help avoid losses.

Approach claims with honesty and integrity

Whenever possible, you take steps to help control the costs associated with your claim. And, if you receive a settlement, you use the funds to carry through with the intended repairs in a timely manner.

Refer your most responsible friends and family

When we add more responsible members to PURE, it is good for the entire membership. Refer family or friends who you think would be a good fit.

Examples of our commitments in action

Charge the right price. For a long time, the insurance industry (PURE included) took a broad strokes approach to pricing Personal Excess Liability coverage which discouraged those needing higher limits from purchasing them. We now use a different pricing structure that aims to better match price to an individual member's risk of loss, at all limits.

Deliver an exceptional claims experience. Our closely vetted, highly skilled vendors help you rebuild your home, repair your car or restore your artwork following a claim. When members use our recommended vendors, their claim satisfaction is higher and the cost of their claim is, on average, $16,000 less.

More broadly, we work hard to earn your trust and partnership so you don’t see the need to hire a public adjuster. When a public adjuster is involved, claims typically take longer to close, cost the membership more to resolve and result in lower overall claims satisfaction.

Approach claims with honesty and integrity. On occasion, members opt to use an alternate house or vehicle that they own during a claim instead of renting one. When this happens, we find ways to compensate those members (i.e. for miles driven and wear and tear or lost income from a rental property). This simple action helps control claim cost, especially at a time when both rental car and home costs are highly inflated. Over the years, hundreds of members have submitted claims for lost articles of jewelry only to find the item later, sometimes much later. These honest members have returned nearly $10 million in claims payouts.

“I cannot tell you how much we appreciated PURE’s payout, and I look forward to returning the $29,624 we received but have not touched...we will always be grateful for how kindly and efficiently you handled the claim."

PURE member who returned their claim settlement after finding a missing piece of jewelry

Continuous improvement. While we remain committed to serving the admitted insurance market—both our current members and the more than 10,000 new members we plan to welcome in 2023—there is a growing need in the industry for even more solutions for complex and often higher risk properties. In 2016, we launched PURE Programs for members and other high net worth families in states like Florida and California where risks related to coastal, brush and other exposures do not meet PURE’s underwriting standards. And in 2022, launched PURE Specialty Exchange (PSE), the first reciprocal in the personal non-admitted market. As the need for E&S solutions grow, so will the need for additional capacity. With PSE, we now have the unique flexibility to write business on our own paper or create greater alignment with partner carriers by sharing in a portion of the risk they assume. We will be adding new coverages and expanding to new states with our non-admitted platform throughout 2023, with plans to one day match PURE’s national footprint.

On the admitted side, we’ve introduced new coverages and services aimed at addressing evolving risks and better serving our members. Examples include PURE Starling™ which helps members who have experienced incidents of fraud and cyber-attacks recover financially and our trust-based approach to adjusting simple claims, like those involving lost or stolen jewelry, which has led to faster settlement times.

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