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Delivering Greater Value to Members

At PURE, insurance goes far beyond the policy that provides protection for your legacy and the things you love. We see insurance as a universe of coverages, tools and services to help members make more informed decisions and ultimately pursue their passions with confidence.

Whether it’s helping members make better real estate decisions with a comprehensive buying report as they consider investing in a new home or proactively helping them prevent water damage from faulty toilet supply lines or burst pipes, we’re constantly looking for ways to do more. Watch below for just a few of the ways that we deliver greater value to our members.

How PURE Delivers Greater Value for High-Value Homeowners

People often think of insurance as a static thing—a policy, strict, dare we say boring.

But we think of it as a constantly expanding, constantly improving universe of coverages, tools, and services to help members pursue a life well lived.

We’re continually working on ways to do more for members. PURE was purposely designed differently, so that the interests of the members and the company are aligned.

Here’s what we mean by “do more for members”:

Buying a new house is a big decision. What if members could get the whole backstory on a property, its claim history and risk profile - before they buy it? That’s where the PURE Home Spotlight came from.

Another example—if the company is doing well, why not give money back to members? That’s what led to the PURE Gold Program.

Jewelry. Members tend to acquire more of it over time. But getting new pieces covered isn’t exactly top of mind, understandably. So, why not just include much more jewelry coverage in our homeowners’ policy? And, since we trust our members, couldn’t we pay simple jewelry claims in just a couple of days, maybe even the same day?

Water damage wrecks a lot of homes each year. And these dodgy plastic connectors to the water supply are a major culprit. How about we partner to replace them?

We’ll never run out of ways to do more for members. It’s how we’re designed.

That’s one more example of what membership means at PURE.