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Smarter, Safer and More Resilient, Together

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PURE Staff

April 15, 2024

PURE was built from the belief that the high net worth market was being underserved when it came to homeowners insurance—and the idea that there was a better way.

Our model is designed to keep us focused on you, our membership. It is this focus that guides us to seek new insights and create new solutions aimed at improving every aspect of our business—especially as risks continue to evolve—so we can ultimately deliver greater value to you.

That entrepreneurial spirit on which PURE was founded has led to many innovations along the way, such as more coverage for jewelry on our Homeowners policy; the support of a PURE Member Advocate® at the time of a significant claim; redesigned pricing for Personal Excess Liability limits; and PURE Starling™, should you become the victim of fraud, online and off.

We are committed to this journey of continuous improvement as we look for ways to solve more problems for you and improve your experience with us.

Making you smarter about risk

We provide you with tools and advice to help make you smarter about the risks you face and more informed when it comes to insurance and large purchases.

PURE Home Spotlight®
When it comes to buying a new home, there can be many unknowns. Hidden water damage. Unpermitted home improvements. High flood risk. Uncovering issues like these earlier in the process can help you make a more informed buying decision. PURE Home Spotlight is an easy-to-run report that provides data and insights on these risks, as well as the home’s likely insurability.

PURE Advice Dashboard
This dashboard draws on the collective power of the membership, analyzing the coverage selections and buying behaviors of each member to identify insights on your coverage and limits and amplify the advice of your broker.

Advice and Insights
This library of content educates you on how to reduce risk and shares industry insights from our experts in insurance, fine art and more.

Making you safer at home and beyond

The programs and services we provide as a benefit of membership are designed to reduce your chances of experiencing a loss. This begins with our Risk Managers. These loss prevention experts study past claims so they can understand how to prevent the same from happening to other members in the future.

The services of the Risk Management team go far beyond your PURE360 Risk Management Consultation. They are available to provide you with recommendations and coordinate vendors to complete the work throughout your entire membership.

We are actively introducing new, creative and impactful ways to help members avoid devastating losses.
– Jason Metzger, Head of Risk Management

Our team is constantly looking for new technology, like leak detection sensors and electrical fire monitoring devices, to help you reduce the occurrence of preventable claims. While most of these solutions are recommended for members across much of the country, members in more at-risk states, or with higher risk homes, may be required to implement them in order to maintain coverage.

In addition to the advice of your Risk Manager, the PURE Situation Room® is an always-on resource to keep you informed about risk. We alert you to severe weather events such as hurricanes, wildfires, automobile safety recalls and cyber threats with an email, phone call or, newly introduced in 2023, a push notification from the PURE Insurance Mobile App. Last year, more than 280,000 Situation Room communications were sent to help keep members safe.

And while we work hard to help you prevent losses, we know that some are unavoidable. So, in the event of a covered Homeowners loss greater than $10,000, we will contribute up to $2,500 to help you implement a solution that reduces the likelihood of a loss from reoccurring. Members use this benefit to invest in whole-house generators, water shut-off devices, lightning suppression systems and other loss prevention solutions. In 2023, we invested more than $1 million alongside members through the Loss Prevention Benefit.

Helping young drivers to be safer behind the wheel

Based on our claims data, the likelihood of a young driver (under 20 years old) being involved in an accident is significantly higher than other age groups. It is also more likely that accidents involving these drivers will be more severe. We want to do our part to help keep the young drivers in our membership safe. With input from our Member Feedback Group, we are in the early phases of creating a program that will initially focus on training to help improve driving skills and behaviors among young drivers. Over time, we hope to add additional program features.

Making you more resilient so you can bounce back faster

Helping you bounce back faster after a claim starts with ensuring that you have the right coverage. However, we understand that some members have homes with unique risks that do not meet PURE’s underwriting guidelines or qualify for coverage with other admitted insurers. For these homes, PURE Programs and PURE Specialty Exchange, our specialty insurance solutions, may be a fit. They can offer solutions for:

  • Coastal homes. Coverage for homes on the coast or barrier islands, homes that do not have proper wind protection or homes with inadequate flood elevation.
  • Homes under construction or renovation. Coverage for high-end homes under construction, both new builds and major renovations. Unique to this policy, once the construction project is complete, qualifying homes may be eligible for coverage with PURE.
  • Homes in wildfire-prone areas. Coverage for homes in areas that are more susceptible to the impacts of wildfire.

Helping you recover faster following a claim

We aim to respond to claims fast and make payments quickly so you can return to normal as soon as possible. We are always looking for ways to improve our process. Some of our recent enhancements include:

Trust-based adjusting

The introduction of trust-based adjusting for some simple, low-value claims, like a single piece of missing jewelry, cutting claims settlement times nearly in half

Claims reporting improvements

Improvements to the digital claims reporting process so that members are assigned their claim number and adjuster within 30 seconds of submitting their claim and are contacted by their adjuster that same day

Network of service providers

The development of a trusted network of service providers to help our members recover faster following a loss, most notably reducing the time it takes to resolve a water damage claim by an average of 22 days

More efficient repair estimates

Use of an AI tool that enables us to provide members with auto repair estimates more efficiently, without the need to schedule an appointment at a repair shop or with an appraiser