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Benefits of Membership

PURE is member-owned, designed from the ground up for a select community of like-minded families whose deep values deserve to be rewarded with higher value. Learn More »

The Power of AlignmentTM

Inspired by some of the finest policyholder-owned companies in the world, PURE puts the long-term interests of members first. »

Exceptional Member Experience

Our unwavering commitment to deliver the highest level of service is just a part of it. There is so much more. »

Proactive Risk Management

Resources, expertise, and hard work to help members prevent claims from happening in the first place – and protect their “irreplaceables”. »

High Net Worth Specialists

We are exclusively dedicated to innovating how risk is assessed, managed, and proactively reduced for successful, high net worth families. »

PURE Spotlight

PURE Member Advocate®

Our team of Member Advocates is dedicated to helping members reduce risk to their families and properties, save time, and eliminate hassles before, during or after a claim – whenever it’s needed.

PURE Member Advocate®